Canadian Kate gets confused with royalty

Toronto university Prof. Catherine Middleton is increasingly becoming confused with a certain future princess of the same name as the royal wedding approaches.

Online Twitter followers seek future princess, find Toronto professor

Dr. Catherine Middleton, a Toronto professor, is getting confused with Prince William's bride-to-be. 2:14

Toronto university Prof. Catherine Middleton is increasingly becoming confused with a certain future princess of the same name as the royal wedding approaches.

Middleton teaches broadband policy at Ryerson University, and as she told CBC’s Colleen Jones, sharing a name with Prince William’s future bride is a bit fun and a bit complicated, much like the course she teaches.

Co-workers jokingly call her "the princess," people with online user names such as "WillKateWed?" want to follow her on Twitter and many phone conversations must come with an explanation that no, she’s not "that" Catherine Middleton.

"I’m being followed [on Twitter] by royal wedding people," Middleton told Jones. "They found my name, Catherine Middleton, and they assume I have something to do with the royal wedding, but I don’t."

Middleton said sometimes the confusion is flattering.

The sign outside the office door of Catherine Middleton clearly identifies her as a professor, but she's still sometimes confused with the future princess. (CBC)

"When I phone and people go, 'Oh, you're famous,' I feel really proud because they know what I do, they know my work and then I think, ‘Well how do they know that?’ Then I think, 'It's not me; it's the name.'"

Canada’s Middleton said her royal moniker has been the source of many friendly jibes, particularly as the wedding approaches.

"It's fun more than anything," Middleton said.  "I don't think Kate Middleton talks much about broadband policy, which is what I do, but they're following me [on Twitter] anyway."

More than a billion people are expected to watch Britain’s Kate Middleton wed Prince William on April 29, and she is fast becoming one of the most photographed people in the U.K.

The Twitter feed of Toronto university Prof. Catherine Middleton shows she's gathering online users who think they're following Prince William's bride-to-be. ((CBC))

Canada’s Kate, meanwhile, is not a hard-core royal watcher, but plans to view the big event on televison with some friends.

"There are no perks, I did not get a royal invite, I’m still driving myself, no big diamonds, none of that stuff," she said.

And Canada's Kate (the professor, not the future princess) said there are challenges that can make having a famous name a royal pain.

"It’s hard to find me on Google," she said.