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Does Doug Ford know how to pass a bill?

With the first full day of campaigning done, the real race starts. This is The Campaigner, meant to keep political rookies and junkies alike informed at what's going on in the election campaign.

NDP inch past Liberals in polls, while N'Sync gets some love

PC Leader Doug Ford stops at a cafe and meets an ice cream eater in Carp, Ont., on Wednesday, the first day of the election campaign. (Patrick Doyle/Canadian Press)

With the first full day of campaigning done, the real race starts. There are signs of movement — and it's not just the whistle stops the leaders are making. The NDP has actually inched past the Liberals for the first time in the CBC's poll tracker.

Here's where we are on day two.


The moment

PC Leader Doug Ford dodges bill law question

3 years ago
PC Leader Doug Ford was asked how a bill is passed during a press conference, but he did not answer it. 0:40

Does PC Leader Doug Ford know how a bill becomes law?

That's the question he was asked while campaigning Wednesday. He didn't give an answer, instead accusing the reporter of asking a "gotcha question" before quickly segueing.

"I'm going to show you how many bills we're going to pass," he said. "We're going to pass endless bills down there and I hope you're down there to watch the bills get passed."

Ford's team cut the news conference short after five questions, saying Ford had to catch a plane.


The youth wing of the NDP have taken a page from the federal Greens and started using N'Sync references in their online campaigning.

While the Greens opted to play on "it's gonna be May" during the 2015 federal election (a nod to their leader), the young NDPers are showcasing Lance Bass's frosted tips and "bye bye bye."

Riding to watch

Parkdale-High Park, population 108,805, profile by Lucas Powers

It is not a coincidence that Liberal Leader Kathleen Wynne kicked off her official campaign in this densely populated and diverse area in the west-end of Toronto. Parkdale-High Park, held federally by the Liberals and provincially by the NDP until recently, is a riding in which Wynne's Liberals see an opportunity to make gains in the critically important GTA.

Former NDP MPP Cheri DiNovo represented the riding in the legislature for 11 years. In 2014, DiNovo barely squeaked out victory with 40.73 per cent share of the vote. Her Liberal challenger took 39.57 per cent of the vote.

DiNovo retired from politics at the end of 2017, leaving the seat vacant. Bhutila Karpoche, who has worked hand-in-hand with DiNovo for eight years, is the NDP candidate. Nadia Guerrera, a Catholic teachers' union representative, is running beneath the Liberal banner.

Poll tracker

The Progressive Conservatives under Doug Ford continue to hold a commanding lead in the polls and are well-positioned to secure a majority government, according to this data.  Get the full breakdown.

Where the leaders are

  • Ford: Event in Mississauga (10:30 a.m.), hospital visit in Etobicoke (2:30 p.m.).
  • Horwath: Education event in Toronto (9:30 a.m.)
  • Schreiner: Cafe stop in Barrie (9 a.m.), event in Orangeville (12:30 p.m.), local all candidates debate in Guelph (7 p.m.)
  • Wynne: Announcement at SickKids in Toronto (9:30 a.m.), hospital visit in Newmarket (1 p.m.), campaign event in Barrie (6 p.m.)
A sea of supporters' hands clap as NDP Leader Andrea Horwath speaks at a rally in Toronto. (Chris Young/Canadian Press)

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