California Sandwiches break-in leads to arrest of man in Etobicoke

One man is in police custody after he tumbled out of the getaway vehicle following a failed break-in attempt at California Sandwiches on The Queensway in Toronto's west end.

Man arrested after falling out of getaway vehicle

The SIU is investigating after Toronto police say one man failed to get away from a break-in at California Sandwiches on The Queensway. (Mike Heenan/CBC)

One man is in police custody after he tumbled out of the getaway vehicle following a failed break-in attempt at California Sandwiches on The Queensway in Toronto's west end. 

The sandwich shop's owner, John Kantelberg, told CBC News he's doesn't think much of the skills of the would-be thieves.

"You know the movie, Dumb & Dumber? This could be 'Dumb & Dumbest'", Kantelberg said.  

Just after 1 a.m. Monday, police responded to an alarm call at the well-known sandwich shop located at 1603 The Queensway near The East Mall, which is less than two kilometres east of the Sherway Gardens shopping mall in southern Etobicoke.

Sandwich shop owner describes ‘dumb and dumber’ break-in

6 years ago
California Sandwiches owner, John Kantelverg, saw the botched robbery on surveillance video and told CBC News he's doesn't think much of the skills of the would-be thieves. 1:18

Kantelverg said the suspects threw a couple of interlocking stones through the glass door of the shop.

"They proceeded in to steal a cash box that was opened showing that there was no actual cash in the cash box but they still wanted to take it," Kantelberg said.

He said the suspects then used a grinder to try to break into the ATM machine. 

"They heard sirens or saw the police car coming so they proceeded to leave. They would have got away but then it shows them coming back, the guy hopping out of the back. Maybe he forgot the veal sandwich on Saturday that he ordered, said Kantelberg dryly.

Toronto police say the suspects fled in a van when officers arrived, but one man fell out out as it sped away. He was not injured. The man has since been arrested for break and enter, police noted on Twitter.

On Monday afternoon, the province's Special Investigations Unit announced they were taking over the investigation.

The SIU probes all instances in which it's alleged someone was injured, killed or sexually assaulted during contact with police. 


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