Onetime Kodak building to move 60 metres for new LRT station

Engineers are lifting and moving a massive four-storey building this morning to make way for a new Mount Dennis light-rail station.

Former Kodak building will form part of the Mount Dennis station on the new LRT line

A time-lapse of the Kodak building moved 60 metres to make way for the new LRT station on Eglinton Avenue West. 0:33

Sitting in an industrial wasteland that was once the local hub of Kodak, a four-storey industrial building is being picked up this morning and moved 60 metres to make way for a new LRT station at the corner of Eglinton Avenue West between Black Creek Drive and Weston Road.

"It's a very complex engineering challenge obviously," said Jamie Robinson with transit agency Metrolinx. 

So how's it done?

First, hydraulics are used to lift the building. Then it's put on steel girders, lowered onto a set of 24 dollies (eight powered) and rolled away along special rails. Once it's moving, the building will travel at a rate of 16 inches (40 centimetres) a minute. 

The community wanted the building — which once served as a recreation centre for Kodak employees — to be spared and made part of the new Mount Dennis station on the Eglinton-Crosstown light-rail line. Metrolinx agreed and so the building will be moved back later in the construction process to form part of the new station's entrance.

Here's how CBC's Linda Ward followed what's being called "the big move" on Twitter:

With files from CBC's Linda Ward


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