Brampton alligator's appearance shocks neighbours

A one-metre long alligator gives residents quite a stir after being spotted in a Brampton, Ont., backyard on Sunday afternoon.
This alligator was found in a backyard in Brampton on Sunday. It has since been taken to an animal sanctuary. (John Dryden)

A one-metre long alligator gave Brampton, Ont., residents quite a stir when it was spotted in a backyard on Sunday afternoon.

Police were called and the alligator was captured with the use of a catch-pull, a long pole often used on vicious dogs.

No one knows exactly how the gator got there. Brampton has a bylaw against keeping alligators as pets.

The animal has since been sent to a wildlife sanctuary but as CBC's Ivy Cuervo reports, people are still talking about the reptile's visit to their neighbourhood.

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