Casa Loma is getting a new 'upscale' but 'edgy' steakhouse

A new steakhouse, long in the works, is opening up in Casa Loma in mid-June.

Blue Blood steakhouse will open in mid-June

An image of the Blue Blood Steakhouse space under construction. It's set to open in early summer. (Twitter/Casa Loma)

A new steakhouse, long in the works, is opening up in Casa Loma in mid-June.

The restaurant, called Blue Blood Steakhouse, will fill the castle's Oak Room on the first floor of the building, offering an "upscale experience" to diners, said Liberty Entertainment Group president Nick Di Donato.

Liberty Entertainment Group took on a long-term lease to be the operating manager for the 103-year-old castle in 2014, and Donato said adding a steakhouse has always been part of their plan.

"It's been in the works for four years," he said.

Converting the elegantly panelled Oak Room into a functioning restaurant has meant working closely with Heritage Toronto and a heritage architecture firm, with the city giving a sign-off to anything that could have an impact on the room's heritage value.

"From a heritage perspective, we're celebrating this [space] and allowing people to see this," he said.  

Donato said the Oak Room was the favourite of Casa Loma's original owner, Sir Henry Pellatt.

The resulting restaurant, he explained, will do justice to the grand interior — fancy, but with a twist.

"One working title was 'Henry's Steakhouse,' but we went with Blue Blood because it reflects the heritage of the facility, it reflects Henry Pellatt's desire to entertain royalty, but also has an edgy feel to it," said Donato.