Bixi bikes a hit with riders

People in Toronto are buying into the city's new Bixi bike-sharing program.

People in Toronto are buying into the city’s new Bixi bike-sharing program.

There are currently 1,000 bikes located at stations throughout the downtown core.

In the program’s first week, about 700 Bixi trips were recorded. But with the program now about a month old, more than 42,000 riders have used Bixi bikes.

Michel Philibert speaks for the Montreal company that operates Bixi Toronto and tracks its usage.

He said so far, Toronto’s bike-sharing program has been a success story.

"It's becoming more and more popular," he told CBC News.

Ann Marie Minke is an early adopter of Bixi.

"I think it's a very good idea," she told CBC News. "I have a lot of fun going on them. They are very easy and comfortable."

There have been a few complaints about the program. Some point to the need for a Bixi station at popular downtown locations such as Kensington Market. Riders must also provide their own helmets, which is another concern for some.

But for Peter Treacy, Bixi has become part of his morning commute.

"It's great for me," he said. "I pick it up at Union Station when I take the GO Train in then take it up to Bloor and Jarvis where I drop it right across the street from where I work."

People can use the bikes for about $5 a day plus an hourly fee or pay a yearly subscription of about $100.