'Very dangerous': Police investigate motorbike mob after fiery crash

Police are investigating after a fiery motorcycle crash on Sunday afternoon that happened just as a large pack of about 100 riders tore through Mississauga at high speed.

Videos show 100 bikes speeding through traffic, performing stunts, running red lights

Police are investigating a fiery motorcycle crash that happened just as a large pack of about 100 riders tore through Mississauga at high speed Sunday afternoon.

Peel Regional Police Const. Bally Saini said just after noon ET on Sunday police began to get reports about a large group of motorcycle riders on 'crotch-rocket' style bikes popping wheelies, speeding and weaving between vehicles.

"They were travelling at a high rate of speed, performing stunts, running red lights," she told CBC News. "And we do find that very dangerous. On a Sunday we have members of the public travelling on those roads with their families."

One Facebook video shows the bikes tearing past a line of cars stopped at an intersection. The bikes continue to stream through the intersection long after the light turns red. 

Freelance video journalist Pascal Marchand captured footage of the motorcycle mob travelling on Erin Mills Parkway and Erin Centre Boulevard in Mississauga.

Just before 1 p.m., two motorcycles collided near the corner of Dundas Street and Cedarglen Gate. Police believe those motorcycles were part of the large group of riders. 

Some of the riders were popping wheelies as they rode through Mississauga at midday on Sunday. (Pascal Marchand)

Footage from the scene shows one bike charred on the roadway after the collision. Peel police say after that collision a rider leapt off the damaged bike and onto another motorcycle that quickly fled the scene. 

The video in this Instagram post shows the bike burning on the ground before exploding. 

Police say they are investigating the collision but said that there were no other interactions between the motorcycle riders and other drivers. The driver or owner of the crashed bike has not been located.

In the meantime, police are going through videos of the riders posted on social media in an effort to identify and possibly charge them.

"We are getting all the video surveillance," said Const. Saini. "There were some motorcycles with licence plates and some without." 

Police looking at social media videos

Police are also scouring social media to see if there were posts about the group ride before Sunday's collision.

She said large packs of motorcycle riders swarming around other cars and ignoring safety rules pose a serious hazard for other drivers. 

"There are a lot of dangers," she said. "In the videos, the motorcycles are swerving in and out and sometimes a vehicle does make a sudden turn and it could cause a large accident."

She said police have heard of other so-called "motorcycle mob" incidents, in which a large pack of riders travel together at high speed.

"Our protocol isn't to chase a motorcycle," she said. 

A motorcycle lies charred on Dundas Street in Mississuaga. A witness told police the rider of this bike jumped on another bike shortly after the crash and fled the scene. (Pascal Marchand)


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