Police searching for suspected bike-riding Entertainment District arsonist

There were reports of at least 5 fires set last night in the downtown core, all possibly by the same man.

At least 5 fires set last night in downtown core, says Toronto Fire

Toronto Fire Services attended at least five fires in the Entertainment District on Sunday night, including several in dumpsters and one in a car. (Devin Heroux/CBC Toronto)

There were reports of multiple fires in the Entertainment District on Sunday night — and Toronto police say one bike-riding arsonist may have set all of them.

District Fire Chief Stephan Powell said the fires popped up in different areas shortly before 6 p.m., and tallied up five different spots.

"We had a fire in a dumpster, then another fire subsequently in another dumpster, there was a fire in a car, and two other fires," he said on Monday morning.

Powell said all the fires were put out quickly and no injuries were reported.

Police are now looking for a man with dark pants and a baseball cap who was spotted riding a white mountain bike with a blue bag on the side.