Balcony glass shatters in Distillery District

A glass pane on a balcony in Toronto's distillery district has shattered, just a day before city council is set to take up the issue.
The glass shattered on Ken McNeilly's 15th floor balcony. (Submitted by Ken McNeilly)

There's been another incident of shattered balcony glass in a Toronto condo.

On Tuesday morning, the glass broke in Ken McNeilly's 15th floor condo at 33 Mill Street, in the Distillery District.

Last year there were a number of similar accidents in downtown Toronto — eventually prompting the province to bring in new construction rules.

Toronto city council is also set to take up the issue during this week's meetings.

For McNeilly it was a shock.  He said he "jumped off the sofa" when he heard the noise.

"I phoned the security desk downstairs right away," he told CBC News.

 McNeilly says it's the third time he's seen it happen at his building.

Ann Borooah, Toronto's chief building official, says the city can only get involved if someone reports the problem to them.

"We will  issue an order requiring the owner to provide us reports from qualified professionals — typically that would be an engineer — analyzing what the cause of the failure might have been and how that could be remedied," she said.

City council will consider a plan to review hundreds of condos built in the last five years during its meetings on Wednesday and Thursday.  It hopes to identify the ones with glass balconies and ask condo corporations to voluntarily assess the risk of glass shattering.