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Trevor Dunn is an award-winning journalist with CBC Toronto. Since 2008 he's covered a variety of topics, ranging from local and national politics to technology on the South American countryside. Trevor is interested in uncovering news: real estate, crime, corruption, art, sports. Reach out to him. Se habla español.

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With the city facing a housing crisis, the Port Lands can handle more density, Waterfront Toronto says

Toronto’s Port Lands could handle more housing if city planners call for it, according to one of the project's managers. The plan to build new neighbourhoods on the 715 acres of land on the waterfront is now a target for more density in Mayor John Tory's 2023 housing plan.

Furious seniors 'so upset with Walmart' after $4K in stolen credit card charges

Even after filing a police report and spending hours on the phone with Walmart customer service, Hassan Gerami, 77, and Maliheh Banej Shafiei, 72, still owe more than $4,000 on their Walmart Rewards Mastercard.

With CUPE settled, Ontario shifts focus to teachers' unions. But don't expect deals any time soon

Now that Ontario education workers have voted in favour of a new contract with the Ontario government, the focus shifts to the province’s other major education unions.

Long-time Roncesvalles businesses closing down due to rising rents

High commercial rents are forcing independent businesses off Toronto's Roncesvalles Avenue, a process that locals say will make the quirky commercial strip look just like any other street in the city.

A Toronto park got a $4.8M upgrade. But it has a porta-potty instead of a winterized washroom

David A. Balfour Park recently reopened after more than four years and $4.8 million of construction. Upgrades include new pathways, benches, lighting. But some advocates are asking why its new washroom facility is closed for the winter.

Nearly 20% of Toronto family doctors planning to close practices in next 5 years, survey finds

With Ontario’s health-care system already in crisis, a new study has found that nearly 20 per cent of family doctors in Toronto will be closing their practices in the next five years.

Shortage of 'first-line' antibiotic hits as surge in children's respiratory illnesses strains supply

Doctors and pharmacists in Canada are having trouble finding an important antibiotic for treating bacterial infections in children, and some are insisting a surge in respiratory illnesses is contributing to the shortage.

Why this big fish caught in downtown Toronto is a big deal for the environment

Veteran angler Will Sampson says he's never seen anything like it. Last Sunday, he caught a fish that's almost never seen in Toronto Harbour: a muskie. Conservation experts say his catch is proof their efforts to naturalize the city's waterfront are working.

Air Canada apologizes for not letting blind woman fly with guide dog

Air Canada is apologizing after not allowing a passenger who’s blind to board a flight from Toronto to Minneapolis with her guide dog. Dena Wainwright, 49, says she will never fly the airline again after an ordeal that cost her $2,000.

Why more Ontario providers are opting into $10-a-day child care  — and others are still holding out

With the new Nov. 1 deadline a week away, more providers are opting into the $10-a-day child-care program, following a series of tweaks and a deadline extension from the Ontario government.