Trevor Dunn

Trevor Dunn is an award-winning journalist with CBC Toronto. Since 2008 he's covered a variety of topics, ranging from local and national politics to technology on the South American countryside. Trevor is interested in uncovering news: real estate, crime, corruption, art, sports. Reach out to him. Se habla español.

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Advocates urge Ontario government to fill potential gap in new human trafficking bill

Human traffickers use hotels and short-term accommodations, such as Airbnb, to exploit their victims, but it's unclear whether new legislation would apply to both types of lodging.

Community group to province: Why demolish historic Toronto foundry site when it could look like this?

A coalition of professionals and community members is releasing its vision for a historic Toronto property the Ontario government is seeking to demolish. The century-old Dominion Wheel and Foundries is to be sold and redeveloped as a mixed-use housing development.

Schools should stay open even if there's a 3rd wave of COVID-19, experts say

A third wave of COVID-19 in Ontario may be inevitable, but this time around many experts say the province’s schools should stay open.

Why 7-Eleven's plan to serve alcohol in Ontario sparks concern — and curiosity — in business community

7-Eleven’s new plan to sell wine and beer at several Ontario stores is raising both eyebrows and concern in the business community. Already struggling with COVID-19 restrictions, Ontario bars and restaurants may soon be facing new competition from a powerful, multinational chain of convenience stores.

Canada's Wonderland to be COVID-19 vaccination site as mass immunization plans ramp up

Canada’s Wonderland, the country’s largest amusement park, will serve as a COVID-19 vaccination site in York Region, north of Toronto, as local public health officials prepare for mass immunization campaigns scheduled to begin this spring.

The TTC is losing more revenue to Uber and Lyft than to fare evasion: report

A new report calculates that millions of Toronto transit riders ditched the TTC for ride-hailing platforms Uber and Lyft, resulting in a revenue loss of at least $74 million in 2019.

Ford government's plan for building new highway puts Holland Marsh at risk, critics say

Premier Doug Ford's government is moving ahead with a four-lane highway between Highway 400 and 404, but environmental groups are worried about the impact it will have on the Holland Marsh.

'No regrets': New businesses are opening during COVID-19 pandemic — without government help

As COVID-19 restrictions have forced many businesses to close, some entrepreneurs have decided to open new ventures in the past 10 months. But unlike businesses that opened pre-pandemic and are struggling, they're not eligible government financial support.

Toronto councillors warn First Parliament area 'not for sale' as province seeks to seize historic site

The Doug Ford government's decision to expropriate downtown Toronto properties once home to Upper Canada's first parliament came as a surprise, city officials say — prompting one councillor to insist the land is "not for sale."

Yes, there's a decline in new COVID-19 cases. No, it's not enough to end Ontario lockdown, experts say

As Ontario approaches the end of its fourth week under a province-wide lockdown, epidemiologists say declining new COVID-19 infections prove the measures are working, but they warn we are still far from ready to reopen non-essential businesses, schools, and other heavily restricted activities.