Talia Ricci

Talia Ricci is a CBC reporter based in Toronto. She has travelled around the globe with her camera documenting people and places as well as volunteering. Talia enjoys covering offbeat human interest stories and exposing social justice issues. When she's not reporting, you can find her reading or strolling the city with a film camera.

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Toronto high school student designs 'anti-pipeline' themed jacket

A Toronto high school student has taken her passion for activism and turned it into a real statement piece; an anti-pipeline-themed jacket. Joey Donovan did it with the help of 6IX Academy — a national award-winning program at Central Toronto Academy.

Toronto man shares grandparents' love letters from WWII found in old suitcase

Jason McDowall is transcribing more than 500 love letters his grandparents wrote each other during the Second World War. He discovered them while cleaning out their house after the death of his grandfather.

Meet a Toronto man with a passion for collecting phone books

For most of us, our phone books are in our smart phones. But one man has had to make room for dozens of them in his Toronto condo. Fred Meandro is an avid collector and says you can learn a lot about a city by going through old and new phone books.

Toronto celebrates the day it became okay to call them Jamaican 'beef patties'

You may know it as a spicy pastry snack, but at one time Canadian authorities had a real beef over Jamaican patties. It was on this day in 1985 that the community celebrated a win for local business owners. It's also how Feb. 23 officially became known as Patty Day in Toronto.

Parents, kids prepare for return to in-person learning as boards, TTC ramp up COVID-19 safety measures

GTA school boards share updated COVID-19 safety protocols ahead of Tuesday's reopening, which is now delayed for many due to a winter snow storm.

Virtual reggae series honours Black History Month and legacy of Denise Jones

A Brampton, Ont., man is marking Black History Month with a virtual tribute to reggae legends. Jesse Jones says this year is special because the event is dedicated to his trailblazing mother.

Mom outraged after LCBO bag used as example in Indigenous art class to make medicine bags

An Indigenous mother and teacher with the Toronto District School Board is speaking out after her son was given an assignment to use a paper bag to create a medicine bag. The teacher used an LCBO bag as an example for the Indigenous art class.

Families protest outside Scarborough long-term care home to demand more provincial help

Dozens of people demonstrated outside a Scarborough long-term care home on Tuesday to demand that the province take more action to help the facility as it fights to contain a COVID-19 outbreak.

How a Toronto photographer is sharing stories of everyday anti-Black racism in Canada

A Toronto portrait photographer is hoping images and stories help inform people about what everyday racism looks like. Aous Poules started Project Echo after George Floyd was killed by police.

National grief strategy needed to help Canadians cope with loss due to COVID-19, group says

An organization called the Canadian Grief Alliance says the loss COVID-19 is causing across the country is something we've never experienced before. It's calling for a national strategy to help Canadians gain access to the resources they need to cope with their grief.