Talia Ricci

Talia Ricci is a CBC reporter based in Toronto. She has travelled around the globe with her camera documenting people and places as well as volunteering. Talia enjoys covering offbeat human interest stories and exposing social justice issues. When she's not reporting, you can find her reading or strolling the city with a film camera.

Latest from Talia Ricci

Ukrainians stranded at Pearson Airport forced to rely on the kindness of strangers on social media

A lack of information from the federal government has forced some Ukrainians fleeing the war to turn to social media for help when they land at Toronto's Pearson Airport.

Ever had wine with jerk chicken or curry beef? This Toronto sommelier wants you to try it

A Toronto sommelier wants to change people's minds when it comes to pairing wine with food from around the world. Through a series of events in the GTA, including one at Stakt Market later this month, Beverly Crandon hopes to make world of wine more approachable and diverse.

More than 200 unhoused people died in Toronto last year, city data shows

A total of 216 people experiencing homelessness died in Toronto last year, according to new data from the city.

Toronto non-profit helps employee's family escape war, sends supplies to Ukraine

A non-profit in Toronto is taking the idea of "work family" very seriously. When the war in Ukraine started, the executive director of Aangen vowed to help a Ukrainian employee bring her family to safety, and send supplies to the country.

How a Scarborough facility is converting food waste into biodegradable plastics

Imagine a plastic water bottle made out of apple cores and coffee grounds. A facility in Scarborough is helping to make that happen. Genecis takes organic waste and puts it through a process that turns the waste into biodegradable plastic.

Bright pink billboards with 'bold slogans' fighting rising antisemitism in Toronto

Two non-profit organizations are using bright pink billboards to raise awareness about the rise of antisemitism in Canada and worldwide. The campaign comes during a spate of antisemitic incidents at GTA schools.

Some Canadians aren't just sending aid — they're flying to Ukraine to join the fight

As people across Canada mobilize to help Ukraine with money and supplies, others are flying overseas to join the fight.

Punjabi twins from Mississauga set to make their professional boxing debuts

Mississauga brothers Jimmy and Janu Sandhu say they've been waiting for this moment since they were kids. The Punjabi twins will be making their professional boxing debut in Mexico City later this month.

The Toronto Zoo is turning poop into power and helping the environment in the process

A project more than a decade in the making at the Toronto Zoo started turning poop into power for 250 homes this year. The zoo is using manure from its animals to generate electricity at a site called ZooShare.

Toronto Pearson Airport's oldest business, a shoe shiner, is trying to survive

The pandemic has been tough for businesses that rely on travel. At Pearson Interantional Airport - around 35 out of 175 businesses have shut down. The oldest business at Pearson reopened two months ago, and the owner says he's barely hanging on.