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Steven D'Souza is a Gemini-nominated journalist based in New York City. He has reported internationally from the papal conclave in Rome and the World Cup in Brazil, and he spent eight years in Toronto covering stories like the G20 protests and the Rob Ford crack video scandal.

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He won an Emmy for his COVID performance. Now the critics are out for New York's governor

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo emerged as a national star during the early days of the pandemic for his informative and calming daily briefings. But the shine is wearing off as multiple scandals, stemming from missteps around nursing homes, are bringing renewed focus to a darker side of Cuomo's leadership style.

Canada's Caribbean flight ban expected to cost Jamaica up to $449M, minister says

Already suffering because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Jamaica's vital tourism industry was dealt another blow when Canada announced it was cancelling all direct flights to the region. Jamaican Minister of Tourism Edmund Bartlett tells CBC News the decision could cost his country up to $449 million.

As U.S. hospitals fill up, doctor hopes viral photo will serve as a warning

A tender moment between Houston's Dr. Joseph Varon and an elderly COVID-19 patient captured the anguish inside the United Memorial Medical Center's intensive care unit. The doctor says he hopes it serves as a warning to others about the harm the virus can cause, at a time when the U.S. is seeing a record number of hospitalizations.

New York City braces for 2nd wave of coronavirus as memories of devastating spring remain

After a relatively calm summer, COVID-19 cases have begun a slow and steady rise in New York City and the surrounding area, prompting concerns about possible new closures as the Thanksgiving holiday looms.

For voters in battleground Pennsylvania, a series of pitfalls could upend U.S. election

With 20 electoral college votes and an electorate that swings between Republicans and Democrats, Pennsylvania is seen as one of a handful of battleground states. Observers are worried that a few key voting issues could dramatically shift the balance of power in the state and possibly the presidential race itself.

In battleground Pennsylvania, meet some of the suburban women who could decide Donald Trump's fate

There's a movement growing in the suburbs of Pennsylvania that could hand the battleground state to Joe Biden and the Democrats. Republican women, disaffected with the president, are increasingly looking to vote against Donald Trump — and their impact could sway the election.

New Yorkers have little sympathy for Trump's condition

On the streets of Brooklyn, a place where Donald Trump is unpopular at the best of times, people reacted to the news of his positive diagnosis for COVID-19 with a mixture of schadenfreude and disbelief that it will do anything to change how the president views the virus that's killed more than 200,000 Americans.

As COVID-19 deaths surpass 60,000, Mexico hits 'catastrophic scenario' officials warned about

With a lack of widespread testing, an underfunded and mistrusted health care system and a government that's prioritized opening the economy back up, Mexico is one of the countries hardest hit by the coronavirus.

Activists in the U.S. claim partial victory in long battle to reform, defund police departments

Activists in New York didn't get the billion-dollar budget cut they were calling for, but experts say across the U.S., shifts in policing policy show that protests in the wake of George Floyd's death have led to some gains and given a sense of urgency to the movement to reform how police operate.

Protests to polls: Where the movement for racial justice sweeping the U.S. goes next

As protests calling for police reform and an end to systemic racism continue, activists and community leaders say the energy on the streets is shifting into local grassroots organizing focused on changing policies.