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Shanifa Nasser is a journalist with CBC Toronto interested in national security, the justice system and stories with a heartbeat. Her reporting on Canada's spy agency won a 2020 Amnesty International award and an RTDNA, and her investigative work has led to two documentaries at The Fifth Estate. Reach her at:

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Guard who helped Soleiman Faqiri chokes back tears recalling 'his last joyful moment on this earth'

The jail sergeant who broke protocol to film Soleiman Faqiri's condition in the hope of getting him help choked back tears as he recalled the joy in Faqiri's face when he finally had a shower after days of deteriorating in segregation.

Inmate across from Soleiman Faqiri says 'beating started' after guards were out of camera's sight

An inmate housed directly across from Soleiman Faqiri the day he died said guards started beating Faqiri "as hard as they could" as soon as they were out of view of the hallway camera.

Nearly 60 policy breaches found in Soleiman Faqiri's death, jail guard tells inquest

A jail guard directly involved in restraining Soleiman Faqiri on the day of his death says an internal investigation found guards carried out approximately 60 breaches of policy that day, adding policies were often followed only when "convenient."

New video shows Soleiman Faqiri calm, compliant with guards on morning of his death

A previously unseen video is casting new light on the day Soleiman Faqiri died inside an Ontario jail, showing him calm and co-operating with staff as they transferred him from a cell hours before he was violently restrained.

Doctor in charge of Faqiri's care in jail defends decision not to send him to hospital amid 'crisis'

The doctor overseeing Soleiman Faqiri's care before his death at an Ontario jail has defended his decision not to send the 30-year-old man to hospital even as he acknowledged Faqiri was in "acute psychiatric crisis" and deteriorating day by day.

Jail official felt Faqiri didn't meet bar for hospital, refused to watch video taken as he deteriorated

The top health care official at the jail where Soleiman Faqiri died didn't feel he met the bar for her to send him to hospital and refused to watch a video taken by a guard capturing his decline in segregation, a coroner's inquest heard Tuesday. That official had no medical background. 

60 Ontario jail staff were alerted about Soleiman Faqiri's state. Still, he wasn't sent to hospital

In the days before Soleiman Faqiri's death, a jail guard sent a note to some 60 corrections staff alerting them about his condition inside. Still, he was never sent to a hospital or seen by a psychiatrist.

Guard in charge the day Soleiman Faqiri died left out punching, key facts from report, jurors hear

The guard in charge the day Soleiman Faqiri died left out of his report that the 30-year-old was swung at and punched multiple times in the head, an inquest has heard. Faqiri had been calm and cooperative earlier, a nurse said in a recording heard Thursday.

Jail guard's video captures Soleiman Faqiri's declining condition days before his death

Jail guards desperate to get Soleiman Faqiri help broke protocol to film the 30-year-old inside his cell as his condition deteriorated, jurors heard at the inquest into his death Wednesday.

'I felt hollow': Jurors at Faqiri inquest hear of segregation, remand overuse in Ontario jails

After a gripping first day, the inquest into Soleiman Faqiri's death focused Tuesday on the conditions inside Ontario jails. Jurors heard from Lindsay Jennings about her lived and professional experience, as well as Howard Sapers, former federal correctional investigator and former Ontario independent advisor on correctional reform.