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Sarah MacMillan is a journalist with CBC Toronto. She previously reported in Sudbury, Ont. and Prince Edward Island. You can contact her at

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Could re-imagining malls help solve the GTA housing crunch? Some developers are betting on it

Experts say mixed-use developments in and around existing malls are taking off in the GTA and are leading a trend as the region faces housing crunch with demand outpacing supply. 

Self-defence classes focus on safety, confidence, community for Toronto sex workers

At a small Toronto boxing gym, people punch, jump, duck, and laugh. Working up a sweat is just one goal for those who are there. All the participants in this class are sex workers — and they're there to learn self defence. 

No green bin in your building? Ontario's plan to fix that may be off-track, experts say

Multi-unit residential buildings — which include condos, apartment buildings and co-ops — are not currently required to offer organics collection to residents. That’s set to change in 2025 thanks to new provincial rules, but some environmental advocates worry the province may not be on track to properly enforce the new rules. 

Officials at Markham, Ont., mosque call for action after alleged hate-motivated attack

Officials at a mosque north of Toronto are calling for action from the federal and provincial government after an alleged hate-motivated incident that took place last week.

Toronto police ID 19-year-old man a month after he was found in critical condition

Toronto police say they have identified a man whose identity was a mystery a month after he was found critically injured in Etobicoke.

Toronto's golf courses open for the season — but are they a good use of city space?

Toronto golfers can tee up at the city's five municipally-run golf courses, as they open Tuesday for the 2023 season. 

Toronto parents searching for baby formula find empty shelves — again

Nearly a year after a North America-wide formula shortage peaked last spring, some parents are once again scrambling to hunt down certain brands of formula. 

This Toronto-area woman says she's not done fighting 'catch-up' gas bills for more than $7K

Ingrid Raudsepp says she always pays her natural gas bills — about $122 a month — on time. But in December she got new bills covering the previous 12 months totalling a whopping $7,430.06. 

Metrolinx can go ahead and cut down trees at Osgoode Hall, judge rules

Metrolinx can move ahead with plans to cut down trees on the Osgoode Hall grounds in downtown Toronto after an interim injunction expires at midnight on Friday.  Justice Charles Hackland with the Ontario Superior Court has dismissed a motion for a further injunction from the Law Society of Ontario. 

Court decision expected Friday on injunction to stop Metrolinx tree removal at Osgoode Hall

Lawyers representing the Law Society of Ontario have presented their arguments in a virtual courtroom, outlining why the society believes the province's Superior Court of Justice should grant an injunction to stop Metrolinx from proceeding with a plan to cut down trees at Osgoode Hall in Toronto.