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Samantha Beattie is a journalist based in Toronto. She has worked as a Senior Reporter at HuffPost Canada and before that at the Toronto Star covering city hall.

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Women in the trades stuck wearing men's gear call for 'not pink' work clothes that actually fit

Driving a fuel truck between construction sites, Aslan Selby says she's sick and tired of tripping over her too-baggy mesh pants in the summer and fumbling with oversized gloves in the winter while her male colleagues have thousands of options.

Indigenous man a longtime Giant Tiger customer — until he says he was falsely accused of stealing

Hector King Jr. says he was told a man that looks, dresses and rides a bike like him had been stealing, and Giant Tiger had issued a no-trespass notice against him. He believes he was racially profiled. “That kind of degraded me, you know?” King says.
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Toronto charity staff want 'justice' after former boss allegedly misappropriated $365K

The former executive director of a Toronto charity that runs a refugee sponsorship program and provides settlement services for newcomers is wanted by police in connection to allegations he misappropriated as much as $365,000 in public funds and donations.

Mississauga councillor resigns amid allegations another councillor repeatedly keyed her SUV at city hall

Former Mississauga councillor Karen Ras documented eight times when her KIA SUV was vandalized while parked in the parking lot reserved for city councillors. CBC News has learned Coun. Ron Starr was identified as the suspect.

Condo owners in aging building face $14M in repairs. If they can't pay their part, they risk losing homes

As much as $9 million of debt plus a rapidly deteriorating structure caught up to York Condominium Corporation No. 82, which runs the 321-unit building in Toronto's Jane and Finch neighbourhood. 

Investors say millions are missing and a businessman can't be found. How an alleged Ponzi scheme played out

A Toronto businessman accused in court filings of being one of two masterminds in a multimillion-dollar COVID-19-related Ponzi scheme can't be located as angry creditors, their lawyers and shadowy figures with ties to illegal gambling rings try to find him and their money.

At least 58 people died on Toronto's streets this year — a 'failure' for Vision Zero, advocates say

Toronto is still failing to meet its Vision Zero goal, as at least 58 people were killed on the city's roads and 183 more seriously injured in 2021.

Charity turns to Torontonians to house refugees as shelters fill up

Romero House can house up to 10 families, but says the demand is far greater than that. It also relies on about 25 hosts for temporary housing, but now all those spots are full, too.

Former Toronto wellness studio worker raises alarm after clients not warned she had Omicron

As soon as Alexia Del Priore found out she'd tested positive for COVID-19 last Saturday morning, she informed her boss at a downtown Toronto meditation studio and expected them to leap into action to tell as many people as possible. That didn't happen.

Cobourg commuters demand Via Rail reinstate 'essential' train service as they head back to the office

Pre-pandemic, Cobourg, Ont. residents Doug Henson and Lance McIntosh's daily commute was simple. They'd hop on the 7 a.m. Via train at the local station and arrive in downtown Toronto just over an hour later. But with plummeting ridership at the start of the pandemic, Via Rail suspended that service and has yet to reinstate it, even as some commuters return to work.