Robert Fisher

Provincial Affairs Specialist

A commentator with decades of experience covering Queen's Park, Robert Fisher writes about politics for He is an award-winning broadcast journalist with more than 30 years of experience in public and private radio and television.

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Gas plant scandal charges are latest trust problem for Kathleen Wynne

“I will continue to work to earn your trust,” Kathleen Wynne said in her first speech as premier of Ontario. But has that promise been kept?

Ontario delivers Liberal election win, waits to be rewarded

Prime minister-designate Justin Trudeau's road to Ottawa was, as it turned out, paved exactly where it had to be — through vote-rich Ontario. Robert Fisher crunches the numbers.

As election day approaches, the road to power goes through Ontario

As the election approaches, the parties are focusing on the math of getting elected — and the math says they will be focused on Ontario.

2015 election has parallels to 1999 Ontario vote

Political affairs specialist Robert Fisher outlines the lessons that observers of this year’s federal vote can take from Ontario’s 1999 provincial election.

Kathleen Wynne takes fight with Stephen Harper to St. John's

Ontario's Kathleen Wynne is set to raise a little hell at the annual summer get-together of premiers and territorial leaders in St. John's that begins today.

Kathleen Wynne's short leash on accountability: Robert Fisher

Kathleen Wynne promised to lead a government that was open and transparent. But a year after the Liberals won a majority, the case of the newly appointed Financial Accountability Officer demonstrates that there is the appearance of open and transparent if necessary, but not necessarily open and transparent.

Ontario leaders face challenges as Queen's Park breaks for summer: Robert Fisher

MPPs have headed back to their ridings for the summer, leaving behind a year of big changes at Queen's Park.

Kathleen Wynne rolls the dice on back-to-work legislation for teachers

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne is taking a gamble by damaging her relationship with the province's teachers, CBC's Robert Fisher writes.

Patrick Brown: the new PC leader, past and present

Patrick Brown says he is not a social conservative, but a "pragmatic" conservative. Will that affect his chances to be premier?

Patrick Brown must reach out beyond PC Party faithful to challenge Liberals

Patrick Brown's self-described "pragmatic" conservatism resonated with the Ontario PC faithful, as evidenced by his party leadership win Saturday. The larger question is whether it will resonate with the rest of the province — where it is often said that "bland works."