Philip Lee-Shanok

Senior Reporter, CBC Toronto

From small town Ontario to Washington D.C., Philip has covered stories big and small. An award-winning reporter with more than two decades of experience in Ontario and Alberta, he's now a Senior Reporter for the National Network based in Toronto. His stories are on CBC Radio's World Report, World This Hour, World at Six and The World This Weekend as well as CBC TV's The National and CBC News Online. Follow him on Twitter @CBCPLS.

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Cut off by COVID and conflict, Canadian medical mission to Yemen goes virtual

A mission to train health care workers in Yemen to use portable ultrasound devices was disrupted by COVID and the ongoing war between government forces and Houthi rebels, so doctors in Canada and the U.S. decided to conduct the training from thousands of kilometres away with the help of some tablets and a satellite internet connection.

From tree maintenance to simple hardware store upgrades, here's what you can do to prepare for climate change

From simple upgrades you can buy at the hardware store to expert advice on tree health to stricter building codes, much can be done to prepare cities to cope with the new environmental reality.

Protesters against COVID-19 vaccine mandates say they're pro-freedom, 'not anti-vax'

Demonstrations popped up across the country ranging from the hundreds to the thousands of protesters this week. A vocal minority cited the erosion of rights and freedoms in their opposition to COVID-19 vaccine certificates and mandatory vaccinations as a condition of employment.

Is it time for Ontario to slap a tax on vacant properties, real estate speculation? The NDP says so

Ontario's official opposition is pushing the Ford government to implement a tax on empty homes and real estate speculators to increase the stock of affordable housing in the Greater Toronto Area and beyond — as real estate prices soar even in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Is it safe to hug mom in long-term care this Mother's Day? If you've both had all your shots, yes!

As more residents and staff get vaccinated, Ontario is loosening pandemic restrictions on long-term care homes, so communal dining and indoor events and other safe activities can resume for the fully immunized.

Victims of crime in racialized communities say they need more support

A University of Toronto panel has heard that homicide disproportionately affects racialized populations and that service providers and policy makers need to identify systemic issues to develop better mental health and survivor support for BIPOC communities.

Why this officer has a special role to play in the new Peel police intimate-partner violence unit

Peel Regional Police have set up a 48-member unit to deal with intimate-partner violence. But Det. Const. Katherine Kulbak and her colleagues won't work out of a police station. Instead, they'll be located in a community centre with a group of non-profit organizations that help families deal with abuse and violence.

Are cancer surgeries 'elective' or life-saving? Some awaiting operations are in limbo due to COVID-19

The mother of a 33-year-old woman diagnosed with breast cancer disputes the categorization of her daughter's ovarian surgery as elective. She wants the province to classify such procedures as life-saving.

How community advocates in COVID-19 hotspots are working to get the vaccine message out

How leaders in communities are coming together to help get people get vaccinated, by coordinating more access through mobile and pop up clinics and getting the word out in their neighbourhoods so more people get the shot.

Is your child's eyesight getting worse? It could be due to online learning, experts say

Optometrists say they're seeing an increase in what they call COVID myopia, a condition they suspect is related to online schooling as kids spend more time indoors staring at laptops and tablets.