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Man who helped lead fatal canoe trip testifies at Toronto teacher's negligence trial

A man who helped lead a school trip during which a teenage student drowned says he suspected something had gone wrong when he saw a helicopter hovering near one of the campsites.

Passenger can't recall which lights were on when O'Leary's boat struck vessel

A woman who was on a boat during a fatal collision on a central Ontario lake acknowledged under cross-examination Wednesday that she can't clearly recall how many of the boat's lights were on when it was struck by the other vessel.

Boat hit by vessel driven by Linda O'Leary had lights on at the time of crash, witness says

A man involved in a deadly boat crash in central Ontario two years ago says the vessel's lights were on when it was struck by another boat driven by Linda O'Leary.

Trial begins for Linda O'Leary, charged in 2019 boat crash that killed two people

A trial has begun for Linda O'Leary — the wife of celebrity businessman Kevin O'Leary — who is charged in a boat crash that killed two people.

Student who drowned during school canoe trip appeared to swim poorly, court hears

Adrian Coufadis testified he didn't inform the supervising teacher that Jeremiah Perry appeared to be a bad swimmer regarding drowning incident in July 2017.

Regis Korchinski-Paquet's family hires private investigator after SIU clears police

Regis Korchinski-Paquet's family hired a private investigator after the SIU cleared police of any wrongdoing in her death on May 27, 2020.

Principal didn't check swim test results before student drowned on canoe trip

A high school principal says he didn't check the results of a mandatory swim test before a student canoe trip during which a teenager drowned nearly four years ago.

Ontario government asks public to report pollution online through website

The Ontario government is asking the public to report suspected pollution online in an effort to bolster enforcement, but critics say the move is a token gesture by a regime that has done little to help the environment.

Crown challenges verdict in case of off-duty Toronto cop convicted of assault

An Ontario judge made errors in assessing issues related to self-defence and unlawful arrest in the case of an off-duty Toronto police officer convicted of assaulting a young man, prosecutors argued before Ontario's top court on Thursday.

Off-duty cop found guilty in brutal assault of Dafonte Miller seeks to overturn conviction

Lawyers for an off-duty Toronto police officer found guilty in a brutal assault on a young man argue the conviction was unreasonable and should be thrown out.