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Edmonton man convicted of killing pregnant wife granted 6 more months of day parole

Michael White, who was convicted of killing his pregnant wife and dumping her body in a ditch more than 15 years ago, has been granted another six months of day parole.

Ontario paramedics say ambulance response times are slower due to growing offload delays

People who call for an ambulance in Ontario may have to wait longer for one to arrive as health-care staffing shortages and recent temporary emergency room closures slow down emergency services' response, a paramedics' group said Friday.

Toronto police told to explore if race-based data could be used to investigate individual officers

Toronto police have been told to look into whether the race-based data they are legally required to collect could eventually be used to identify and investigate "specific instances of potential inequitable policing" as well as broader, systemic issues.

Woman, civil liberties group allege Ontario law on jail strip searches unconstitutional

An Ottawa-area woman and a civil rights group are asking an Ontario court to strike down a law they say allows officials in provincial jails and detention centres to strip search those in custody "even in the absence of any specified reason or security rationale."

7 things the jurors didn't hear in the Jacob Hoggard sexual assault trial

Jurors have begun their deliberations in the sexual assault trial of Canadian musician Jacob Hoggard, lead singer of the band Hedley. Here is some of the information they were barred from hearing during trial in order to protect their impartiality.

Hedley singer Jacob Hoggard admits he lied to get sex, hide infidelity

Prosecutors in Jacob Hoggard's sexual assault trial suggested Wednesday that the Hedley frontman lied about his encounters with a teenage fan and a young woman, pointing to several other instances in which he lied to get out of "difficult situations."

Driver who killed woman, 3 daughters handed 17-year sentence

A driver who struck and killed a woman and her three young daughters nearly two years ago "gambled with other people's lives" when he took the wheel, an Ontario judge said Monday in sentencing him to 17 years behind bars.

Woman tells court Hoggard choked her during sex assault, making her fear for her life

An Ottawa woman told a Toronto court this morning that Canadian musician Jacob Hoggard choked her hard enough to make her fear for her life as he sexually assaulted her in his hotel room more than five years ago.

Defence suggests complainant made up 'rape story' after consensual sex with Hoggard

Defence lawyers are suggesting a young woman made up a "rape story" about Canadian musician Jacob Hoggard because she was embarrassed a rock star had used her for sex.

Woman testifies that Jacob Hoggard turned into a 'monster' during alleged sexual assault

Prosecutors allege Hoggard, the frontman for the rock band Hedley, raped two women after bringing them to Toronto-area hotels in separate incidents in 2016.