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As Toronto ponders EV mandate for rideshare drivers, experts say they can't lead the charge without chargers

As Toronto is considering a proposal to mandate that all ride-hailing app drivers use electric vehicles — the city urgently needs to prioritize upgrading its charging infrastructure, specifically in high-rise, multi-unit buildings, where many drivers live, experts say.

A Toronto landlord is banning electric vehicles on its property. Tenants' advocates say that's 'unreasonable'

Tenants' rights advocates are raising legal concerns about a Parkdale building complex that is banning electric transportation vehicles from the property, including in units, the garage and parking spaces and lockers.

Deportation delayed for man who has been in Canada since childhood

Canada is deferring the deportation of a 27-year-old man who came to the country as a child and who was rejected for permanent residency, even though the rest of his family was accepted.

Durham Region says homeless shelter needed, but residents say they were caught off guard by plan

A group of Whitby residents say the Region of Durham didn’t adequately consult them about plans for a new homeless shelter, and they worry about disruptions to their community.

New Black health-care provider directory aims to improve access to doctors for Black Canadians

A new directory of Black health-care professionals across Canada launched Thursday, and creators of the database say its goal is to help improve access to practitioners for Black Canadians, who often struggle to find providers that understand their culture.

He's been in Canada since childhood. His family is allowed to stay, but he's facing deportation

Despite having no ties or relatives in Jamaica, a 27-year-old is being deported back to the country — even though the rest of his immediate family has been permitted to stay in Canada.

Ford stands by Ontario housing minister as opponents call for firing over Greenbelt land swap

Premier Doug Ford doubled down on a pledge to build more homes in Ontario and insisted on Housing Minister Steve Clark's continued role in his government Thursday, a day after the province's integrity commissioner recommended Clark be reprimanded for his role in the controversial Greenbelt land swap.

His brother died in an Ontario jail. Advocates say calls for reform to prevent such deaths are being ignored

Deaths in custody in Ontario have been increasing over the last decade, according to data published by the province and advocacy organizations. The suicide of Ashton Gray, who died in custody this May, has raised further questions about conditions in provincial jails and the human rights of inmates.

Confusion over breaks. No personal washroom keys. A temp worker at TTC alleges unfair conditions

A TTC worker who was hired through a staffing agency says temporary employees aren’t being treated fairly compared to those brought on directly by the transit agency, and that its reliance on third-party companies for some staffing has created an environment ripe for abuse.

Dozens of digital screens meant to display real-time info on TTC bus arrivals are broken

Sixty of 300 digital screens that are meant to display when the next TTC bus is coming are not working, with some not functioning for weeks.