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Nicole Martin is a reporter at CBC Toronto.

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3 men injured in scaffolding collapse downtown

The incident occurred near the corner of Lake Shore Boulevard W. and Bathurst Street shortly before 7 a.m.

'Nothing can live on copper': Ontario hospital fights bacteria with high-tech toilet seats

High-tech additions including motion-sensor U-V lights, and copper lined surfaces are designed to kill bacteria, and prevent patients from acquiring infections in hospital.

How Bob the bobcat was rescued with nothing more than a pair of oven mitts

Laurie Paquin rescued an injured bobcat with nothing more than a pair of oven mitts and brought him to a wildlife centre in Kingston, Ont. Now, Bob the bobcat is fully recovered and just days away from being released back into the wild.

Barrie city hall exhibit explores the lives and experiences of local black women

A new photo exhibit on display in the rotunda, called Our Mosaic Lives, celebrates the lives of local black women and girls.

Football coach who used to be homeless says game saved his life

A coach and program co-ordinator of the Mississauga Indoor Football Association says he's thankful to be able to be able to help youth, men and women discover their passion for football.

Indigenous student leader wants to inspire others with her success story

Jennifer Sylvester will pick up her diploma from U of T for Indigenous Studies on June 20. As a teen she was told university wasn't for her, but now she's preparing to start her master's degree in the fall.

Cankerworm infestation prompting Mississauga to consider aerial spraying

A cankerworm infestation in Mississauga has a city councillor calling for the aerial spraying of affected trees after complaints from residents.

Falling concrete on the Gardiner is often from trucks, not the aging highway

According to Toronto city numbers some of the falling concrete is from overloaded trucks, not the crumbling Gardiner expressway.

City trying to get Torontonians to stop filling recycling bins with garbage

The city of Toronto has launched a six-month pilot project to reduce the amount of trash getting thrown out with the recycling.

Mental health program for parents honours young woman lost to suicide

The Sashbear Foundation was created by Lynn Courey and Mike Menu in honour of their daughter, Sasha Menu Courey, who committed suicide in 2011.