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Nicole Brockbank is a reporter for CBC Toronto's Enterprise Unit. Fuelled by coffee, she digs up, researches and writes original investigative and feature stories.

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Toronto condo owner says she's 'got nowhere' after months reporting banned short-term rentals

A downtown Toronto condo owner says despite reporting banned short-term rentals operating in her building for months, the bookings continue — and include self-isolating international travellers who she alleges sometimes flout Canada’s mandatory quarantine order.

Doctors failed mentally ill Ontario man who killed his mother day after seeing psychiatrist, says family

Family members of an Ontario man diagnosed with schizophrenia say his doctors didn't do "their due diligence" when they failed to admit him to a hospital after he called a crisis line the day before stabbing his mother and setting her house on fire with her inside.

How a criminal charge laid in Calgary was linked to a Toronto woman who's never been there

Last year Joyce Obaseki discovered that the RCMP's national police database listed her and another woman as the same person for nearly two decades and as a result had linked the other woman's criminal charges to Obaseki.

Majority of borrowed books across Ontario libraries in 2020 weren't published this year

In a year dominated by a global pandemic and American politics, some might find it fitting that the library book most likely to be checked out across Ontario was a hopeful memoir written by the former first lady of the United States.

Toronto sees 44% drop in pets given up to shelters as city helps owners keep them during COVID-19

Reycie Sevilla is one of more than 1,200 pet owners who have received a pet store e-gift card through a temporary city program during the pandemic.

Calls for free civil legal advice are up 72% in Ontario this year because of COVID-19

A free hotline that provides civil legal advice to Ontarians who can’t afford a lawyer saw a 72 per cent increase in calls this year as the COVID-19 pandemic created an explosion of legal issues in the province.

Regent Park, St. Jamestown residents allege Toronto police robbed them during raids: study

More than 30 Regent Park and St. Jamestown residents who’ve experienced a Toronto police raid allege that officers robbed them of cash, drugs or jewelry during the raid, according to a recent study.

Tenant who turned 12 luxury homes into rooming houses ordered to pay $36K or spend time in jail

A Markham, Ont., man who rented a dozen luxury homes and turned them into rooming houses has been ordered to pay $36,000 in restitution to the landlords within 10 days or he'll be arrested and jailed for four months.
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Despite court order, landlords still trying to reclaim luxury homes turned into illegal rooming houses

A few Toronto-area landlords are still trying to reclaim their luxury homes even though an Ontario Superior Court judge voided their leases two months ago, and ordered their mutual tenant to shut down the illegal rooming houses he created at a dozen properties.

Ontario cremation data suggests 1,800 more deaths than normal at peak of pandemic in April

Since there's no real-time data on all deaths in Ontario, experts turned to cremation statistics to glean some timely insights into the impact of COVID-19. They found that during the height of the first wave in April roughly 1,800 more people were cremated than normal and fewer of them died in hospital than in previous years.