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Nicole Brockbank is a reporter for CBC Toronto's Enterprise Unit. Fuelled by coffee, she digs up, researches and writes original investigative and feature stories.

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Toronto-area homeowners shocked by shoddy renos from contractors RBC touted as 'trusted'

RBC recommended the Smart Reno platform to two couples in the Greater Toronto Area. They say it came as a shock to later learn the contractors weren't qualified based on their shoddy work, which the homeowners have, or will have to, spend even more money to fix.

Violent crime on bail up in Ontario, stakeholders agree system is broken, but not on how to fix it

Data from Statistics Canada on incidents where someone has allegedly failed to comply with a court order — primarily those concerning bail or peace bond conditions — and allegedly committed a violent crime show that the numbers are up across Ontario and the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) over five years.
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Future access to information could be at stake, as top court mulls Doug Ford's mandate letter appeal

Several organizations that intervened at the Supreme Court argue that if the Ontario government's broad interpretation of what should be considered a cabinet record is adopted, it would vastly expand the scope of records the government can keep secret from the public in a way that would undermine democracy.
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Toronto police HQ has a licensed lounge. This senior cop was there before a drunk driving crash

A Toronto Police Service superintendent entered a lounge with a licensed fully stocked bar in police headquarters about three hours before he crashed his service-issued SUV into another vehicle in Pickering, Ont., and was charged with impaired driving in January 2022, CBC News has learned.
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Average time on hold for 911 was over 6 minutes in Toronto one day last year

A CBC Toronto investigation previously revealed that lengthy 911 wait times were more than one-offs in Toronto in 2021. Now, internal reports show wait times for 911 calls only got worse in Canada's largest city last year.

Here are the top scams in Ontario and tips on how to avoid them

The final chapter of CBC Toronto's series, The Cost of Fraud, explores some of the most prominent and emerging frauds reported in Ontario last year and provides tips to help protect yourself from falling victim to them.
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Ontario has a fraud problem. Here's one way the province is trying to tackle it

Ontario's most significant attempt to improve fraud enforcement in recent years was launching the Serious Fraud Office in 2018. In its investigative series, The Cost of Fraud, CBC Toronto looks at how expanding the office's model might help address the drop-off in fraud cases through the system.
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If fraudsters don't pay court ordered restitution in Ontario it's up to victims to try to collect

Ontario courts have ordered fraudsters to pay nearly half a billion dollars in restitution to victims since 2010. In the investigative series, The Cost of Fraud, CBC Toronto breaks down how even the few fraud victims whose cases lead to a conviction face an uphill battle recovering money they've lost.
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Only a fraction of fraud cases make it through Ontario's justice system — and it's getting worse

Over the last decade, Ontario has seen fraud reports skyrocket, with just a sliver of cases leading to criminal charges, and nearly half of those dropped each year. And it's not just happening in this province. In the investigative series, The Cost of Fraud, CBC Toronto looked into what's behind these rising reports of fraud.
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'Crypto King' associate wipes iPhone, hands over $1M in bank drafts payable to Aiden Pleterski

An associate of Whitby, Ont.’s self-described “Crypto King,” Aiden Pleterski, handed over more than $1 million in bank drafts payable to Pleterski last month in response to a civil search warrant.