Natalie Kalata

Senior Reporter, CBC News

Natalie is an award-winning senior reporter for CBC News Network and CBC The National specializing in breaking news. Whether it's a terror attack or a royal tour, she brings the stories to you. Natalie lives in Toronto with her husband and family.

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Order early for Valentine's Day, florists warn as demand blooms, supply wilts amid pandemic

Valentine's Day is already one of the busiest days of the year for florists, but the pandemic is posing some special challenges in 2021, prompting several flower shops across southern Ontario to encourage customers to order arrangements early.

As COVID-19 exposes long-term care crisis, efforts grow to keep more seniors at home

As the Ontario government pledges to build more long-term care beds, seniors' advocates say that investing in robust home care would not only allow people to age where they want to be, but also save money.

Restaurateurs hoping for early spring opening of enhanced CafeTO as city mulls improvements

As the pandemic stretches into 2021, Mayor John Tory's executive committee will look at recommendations Tuesday for a bigger and better version of the CaféTO program, including making spaces more accessible.

1 in 3 Ontario registered practical nurses considering quitting due to pandemic, poll suggests

A survey of 765 registered practical nurses in the province suggests 71 per cent have reached a "breaking point" during the pandemic, with 34 per cent saying they're considering leaving the profession.

How film and TV productions keep their cameras rolling during Toronto's lockdown

We take you behind the scenes to see how films and TV shows are adapting to continue filming in Toronto during lockdown.

Brampton student says college dismissed anti-Sikh remarks made to him as 'historical fact'

A Brampton student says his college mishandled his complaint about anti-Sikh comments made to him by a fellow student during an online class, dismissing them simply as "historical fact."

Dress warmly, TDSB tells students as it plans to fight COVID-19 by opening classroom windows

The Toronto District School Board (TDSB) has a message for parents this winter: make sure your kids dress warmly as schools will be opening their windows several times a day to fight COVID-19.

Front-line workers sound the alarm on burnout as they battle the pandemic's second wave

Toronto's front-line workers, including paramedics and nurses, have told CBC News they are battling physical, emotional and mental burnout as the second wave of COVID-19 batters the city. They're asking for more help to keep going.

Parents push for better masks to fight COVID-19 in TDSB schools after testing by CBC Marketplace

Some parents are calling on the Toronto District School Board and the province to make sure children get proper face coverings to slow the spread of COVID-19. They're raising the alarm after finding out the board has given out some of the "worst-performers," according to testing done for CBC Marketplace.

Son of Holocaust survivor who died of COVID-19 praises Trudeau for telling his mother's story

The son of a Holocaust survivor who died earlier this month in a Toronto long-term care home praised Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for telling his mother's story on Friday. Jeff Shabes hopes Trudeau's gesture will personalize the pandemic for Canadians and help the country beat COVID-19.