Muriel Draaisma

Muriel Draaisma is a CBC Toronto web reporter. She writes about crime, social justice, politics, civic issues, ravines and now COVID-19.

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Toronto residents demand province call off plans to demolish heritage buildings in West Don Lands

Some Toronto residents are demanding that the Ontario government scrap plans to demolish heritage buildings on the West Don Lands downtown.

3 police officers who fired guns during standoff that killed baby still haven't talked to SIU

Ontario's Special Investigations Unit says three police officers who fired their guns during a standoff that killed a baby still haven't made themselves available to be interviewed.

SIU investigating after Toronto police shoot and injure man in Scarborough

Ontario's Special Investigations Unit is investigating after a Toronto police officer shot and injured a 31-year-old man in Scarborough on Thursday evening.

Toronto police say stay-at-home order doesn't give them sweeping powers to stop people

Toronto police say the new provincial stay-at-home order does not give them the power to enter homes, pull over vehicles or ask pedestrians why they are outside for the sole purpose of finding out whether they are complying with the order.

City urges people to get out and vote in Ward 22 byelection on Friday despite pandemic

A byelection in Ward 22 to replace former city councillor Jim Karygiannis will proceed as planned on Friday and more than 65,000 people are eligible to cast ballots, the city of Toronto says.

Stay-at-home order enforcement could lead to more police in racialized areas, advocates worry

Ontario's new stay-at-home order could mean more police in communities than residents are used to seeing and activists are raising concerns about how that extra enforcement might affect low income racialized neighbourhoods.

Ontario long-term care homes need 'immediate emergency intervention,' advocates say

Long-term care homes in Ontario need "immediate emergency intervention with whatever resources are available" to prevent more deaths from COVID-19, advocates said on Tuesday.

Voter inclusion an issue in Ward 22 byelection on Friday to replace Jim Karygiannis

Voters in Ward 22 go to the polls to elect a new city councillor in a byelection on Friday and Scarborough community groups have been doing what they can to ensure residents have the information they need about ballots option, issues and candidates.

NDP, Green Party leaders attend Toronto rally into long-term care home crisis

Leaders of the two federal political parties, who were among those attending a rally outside St. George Care Community organized by family groups, call for government to address conditions at facilities.

Vaccinations to begin Sunday at Scarborough long-term care home battling COVID-19 outbreak

A Toronto hospital says vaccinations are set to begin on Sunday at a Scarborough long-term care home battling a COVID-19 outbreak that has left 73 people dead.