Mike Crawley

Senior reporter

Mike Crawley covers provincial affairs in Ontario for CBC News. He began his career as a newspaper reporter in B.C., filed stories from 19 countries in Africa as a freelance journalist, then joined the CBC in 2005. Mike was born and raised in Saint John, N.B.

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Billions at stake as Doug Ford government prepares to change booze retailing in Ontario

For Ford's Progressive Conservatives, the chief goal is meeting a yet-to-be-fulfilled 2018 campaign promise to allow convenience stores to sell beer and wine. But multiple sources in various parts of the alcohol and retail industry say much more than that is on the table. 

Ontario's universities face a funding crunch. Doug Ford's government is telling them to find 'efficiencies'

When Premier Doug Ford’s PCs appointed a panel of experts to look into the financial situation of Ontario’s colleges and universities, they didn’t seem to expect the panel would blame the government for being a big part of the problem.
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Doug Ford government paying for-profit clinic more than hospitals for OHIP-covered surgeries, documents show

Premier Doug Ford’s government gives a for-profit clinic more funding to perform certain OHIP-covered surgeries than it gives Ontario’s public hospitals to perform the same operations, CBC News has learned.

Business leaders warn turning employment lands into housing would be 'silent killer' of GTA jobs

In its attempts to make more land available for housing, Premier Doug Ford's government is threatening the viability of land where hundreds of thousands of people work, the Toronto Region Board of Trade says in a new report. 

Why is Doug Ford's government creating a bank to finance public projects?

Premier Doug Ford’s government is facing questions about why it wants to establish a bank to attract private-sector investment in such projects as long-term care homes, nuclear reactors and student housing.

Why it's getting harder for Doug Ford to sidestep blame for Greenbelt scandal

Premier Doug Ford has long insisted that he and his office had absolutely nothing to do with picking which Greenbelt and rural properties to approve for housing development, but there’s growing evidence calling that claim into question.

Developer guests at Doug Ford family wedding got fast-track zoning approvals from government

There’s fresh scrutiny of how Premier Doug Ford’s government issued dozens of fast-track approvals to rezone select properties, some of them owned by developers who also stood to benefit from Greenbelt land swaps. 

How the Doug Ford government's Greenbelt bill aims to quash $120M lawsuit

The new legislation tabled by Premier Doug Ford’s government to return land to Ontario’s Greenbelt also seeks to shut down a developer’s $120-million lawsuit that dates back to 2017. 

Doug Ford's government promised 1 inspector for every 2 long-term care homes. That hasn't happened

Premier Doug Ford's government is falling short of its promises to conduct annual inspections of every long-term care home in Ontario and to boost the ratio of inspectors to homes, according to information obtained by CBC News.

Biggest question in the Ontario Liberal race: Who has best shot at beating Doug Ford?

The 80,000 members of the Ontario Liberal Party will soon choose their new leader, and the fundamental question they'll be facing is which candidate has the best shot at defeating Premier Doug Ford in the next election.