Mike Crawley

Senior reporter

Mike Crawley is a senior reporter for CBC News, currently covering health. He began his career as a newspaper reporter in B.C., filed stories from 19 countries in Africa as a freelance journalist, then joined the CBC in 2005. Mike was born and raised in Saint John, N.B.

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Second Opinion

Why there's excitement and skepticism about new Alzheimer's drug lecanemab

Despite decades of research and billions of dollars, no treatment has ever definitively proven to slow the progression of Alzheimer’s disease. Two pharmaceutical companies have developed a drug that they say does just that.

Why the failure of Canada's health ministers to reach a deal matters for your health care

Canada's federal, provincial and territorial health ministers claim they agree the country's health system is facing a crisis, yet even that failed to light enough of a fire under them to reach a deal to make things better.

Triple the usual number of kids are coming to Ontario ERs with respiratory illnesses. Here's why

Respiratory illnesses are running rampant among children, resulting in hospital visits and admissions at far higher rates than normal for this time of year, according to fresh data from hospitals across Ontario.
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What over-the-counter hearing aids in the U.S. could mean for Canada

Hearing aids just got dramatically cheaper in the United States, now that major retailers and pharmacies are permitted to sell them without a prescription. The change has many Canadians wondering whether it will happen in this country.

What 2 new studies reveal about long COVID in Canada

Two new large-scale reports, one published by Statistics Canada and the other in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, are giving a clearer picture of the long-term impacts of COVID-19 infections on Canadians and the health-care system.

Hundreds of thousands of COVID-19 antivirals are sitting on shelves across Canada

Health Canada has distributed enough of the antiviral Paxlovid to treat more than 700,000 people with COVID-19, yet the provinces have given only a fraction of that medication to patients. 

What Ontario's new long-term care rules will (and won't) do for hospitals

Just how dire is the situation in Ontario hospitals? Premier Doug Ford's government is willing face the almost inevitable public blowback from sending seniors up to 150 kilometres away for long-term care, all to free up a few hundred hospital beds.

With no bed in his local hospital, Ontario cancer patient is stuck in B.C.

An Ontario man with cancer is languishing in hospital in British Columbia because his local hospital does not have a bed available. 

Students have 'right to learn,' says Doug Ford government as contract talks heat up

The Doug Ford government is using the idea that Ontario students have a "right to learn" as leverage in its contract negotiations with unions representing teachers and education workers.

Family doctors deny they're causing Ontario's emergency room problems

Family doctors are pushing back against claims that they are partly responsible for the woes of hospital emergency rooms across Ontario by limiting patients' in-person appointments.