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Michael Smee has worked in print, radio, TV and online journalism for many years. You can reach him at michael.smee@cbc.ca

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Why owners of floating homes at Scarborough Bluffs are worried about neighbourhood's future

Residents in a neighbourhood of floating homes at the Scarborough Bluffs have been without leases since last month and some say they're worried they might have to leave if they can't get the problem resolved.

Owners are ditching their boats on Toronto's waterfront. Here's what the city is doing about it

The City of Toronto is taking steps to combat an increasingly common eyesore: wrecked or abandoned boats that are sometimes leaking pollutants into Lake Ontario. Right now, only the Coast Guard and Transport Canada have the authority to remove them.

This landlord bought a Toronto-area farm 2 years ago. But the tenant has barred him from the property

A Brampton man who bought a 40-hectare farm in Caledon, Ont., two years ago says he's still waiting to move in because a tenant is refusing to leave — and he says the body that's supposed to rule on landlord-tenant disputes has been too slow to act.

He parked a food truck for the homeless at Oshawa city hall. Now council wants it gone

A man who set up a non-profit food truck for people experiencing homelessness in Oshawa, Ont., is calling on city councillors to reverse their decision to boot his operation out of a parking space behind city hall — a move he and his supporters say is hurting people who badly need the service.

Neighbours want city to clean up $7-million eyesore in Toronto's Bridle Path area

Residents in one of Canada's toniest neighbourhoods say they're fed up with a crumbling, abandoned house that last sold for more than $7 million but which has become a derelict eyesore.

Angry tenants say they 'have nowhere to go' as landlord moves to cut parking spaces

Residents of a west Toronto high-rise are protesting against an effort to take away many of their parking spaces — a move that some long-time tenants say could force them to look for other places to live.

Pothole season can mean not only damaged cars but injured cyclists, experts warn

As temperatures soar into the double digits this weekend, experts are warning motorists and cyclists to beware of a not-so-hidden danger: the annual arrival of pothole season.

City of Toronto out almost $600K in unpaid rent from 2 businesses due to 'administrative oversight'

Two downtown Toronto businesses that lease prime real estate from the city's parking authority have operated rent-free for the last five years, thanks to what city staff are calling an "administrative oversight."

Metrolinx sells public land to developer for $64.5M with no conditions for affordable housing

The province's transit agency sold a piece of prime public land next to the Port Credit transit hub to a private condo developer last month without insisting that the buyer provide affordable housing - a move that housing advocates and planning experts are calling improper and unfair.

A drug company says a Toronto condo project would threaten 'national security.' Here's why

A pharmaceutical company in north Toronto is objecting to a proposed new condo development next door on the grounds that hundreds of residents looking down on its facility represent a threat to "national security."