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Reporter, CBC Toronto

Michael Smee has worked in print, radio, TV and online journalism for many years. You can reach him at michael.smee@cbc.ca

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Toronto's Beach residents push city council for U-turn on overnight parking ban

Scores of motorists in the parking-starved Beach area of Toronto are demanding city council reinstate some on-street overnight parking privileges, complaining there are just not enough spots to reasonably satisfy the hundreds of people who hold permits.

No new affordable units built linked to Toronto's Housing Now plan, 4 years after inception

The city's ambitious Housing Now strategy aimed to transform valuable city-owned lands into 10 thousand affordable homes when it was launched early in 2019. But more than four years later, not a single shovel is in the ground.

Are misting stations the answer to hot classrooms? One school board trustee thinks so

A Catholic school board trustee is pitching what she says is an inexpensive way to help students in classrooms without air conditioning beat the heat this spring. 

Could Lake Ontario be the answer for commuters heading downtown? Waterfront Toronto wants to know

The government agency that oversees Toronto's waterfront is mulling over the idea of an expanded water shuttle network that could serve the city's waterfront communities from Etobicoke to Scarborough.

Is it time for food delivery scooters to get plates? One Toronto councillor thinks so

Delivery people who use motorized bikes and scooters in Toronto may soon find themselves bearing a new load if one city councillor has her way, but the idea is already getting pushback from those who say it's off-course.

Are TTC fare jumpers getting a raw deal? Councillor wants 'fine equity' with drivers who park illegally

City Coun. Paula Fletcher wants city staff to look into correcting what she sees a serious imbalance in fines levied against those who abuse city services.

Residents of quiet community north of Toronto speak out over what they say are substandard conditions

Residents of a quiet enclave north of the Toronto say they're worried about their futures because their landlord is not properly maintaining the land on which their houses sit. 

She complained to CBC Toronto about her living conditions. Now she's facing eviction

April Johnston is facing an eviction hearing after she aired her concerns about her Mississauga building's maintenance publicly to CBC Toronto.

Longtime midtown Toronto tenants fear proposed condos will price them out of their neighbourhood

More than 120 tenants in a midtown apartment building say they're worried they'll be forced out if the city approves a new development application in Toronto's desirable Yonge and Eglinton neighbourhood.

This GTA condo owner says he's struggling 'to make ends meet' as tenant won't pay $20K in rent

A Mississauga landlord says he's fed up with the bureaucratic gridlock that's held up an eviction order for seven months while his tenant lives rent-free in his condo.