Matt Elliott

Municipal affairs analyst

Matt Elliott has been following, analyzing and delving deep into wonky policy stuff at Toronto city hall since 2010. You can follow Matt on Twitter at @GraphicMatt.

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Toronto city hall still throwing up roadblocks to road safety

The issue of road safety has been keeping Toronto’s community councils busy. But is tangible progress happening?

Toronto can't cut or tax its way out of provincial cuts — and so the fight is on

After weeks of back and forth, the bean counters at Toronto city hall have finally been able to attach a number to the municipal funding cuts resulting from the provincial budget. The damage? Nearly $178 million — and counting. So what happens next?

Ontario budget doesn't have much on offer for Toronto's housing crisis

Premier Doug Ford’s first provincial budget offers Toronto a few things. But it doesn’t offer any confirmation of new provincial support for housing for a city suffering from a deep affordable housing crisis.

Toronto needs 1 thing in the federal budget — money, and lots of it

The City of Toronto wants $45 million from the federal government just to balance this years books, and it needs a lot more when it comes to building transit and affordable housing in the future.

Toronto city hall struggling with snow — and 8 years of austerity

Torontonians can forgive their municipal government for being cash-strapped. But can they put up with a city that can't handle a snowy winter?

Scarborough subway debate leaves 35,000 RT riders waiting — but for what?

Doug Ford’s interjection into the subway debate creates more unknowns for the thousands of riders still depending on the rickety Scarborough RT to get around.

Why Doug Ford's subway 'upload' could be Toronto's most contentious city hall story of 2019

There was a time when Toronto city council might have seen the Ontario provincial government’s desire to get more involved in the city’s transit system as a gift. But Premier Doug Ford's plan to upload the TTC subway isn't a present, Matt Elliott writes.

Messy, complex, risky: Toronto council deals with fallout from Ford's big cut

Toronto's new city council won't talk taxes or transit today, Matt Elliott writes. Instead, they're set to hold a debate about themselves.

John Tory wins a commanding victory, but can he command the new council?

Toronto's mayor could be in for a series of political headaches if he can't find a way to work with the progressive wing of city council, Matt Elliott writes.

Why vote today? Because Toronto's future is still TBD

With early voting numbers down from 2014 and John Tory leading the mayor's race, some Toronto residents may see the result of Monday's municipal election as a foregone conclusion. But it's not, Matt Elliott writes.