Lorenda Reddekopp

Reporter, CBC Toronto

Lorenda Reddekopp is a CBC News reporter based in Toronto. She's originally from Saskatchewan. She speaks Spanish and previously lived and reported in Latin America.

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Woman makes painful journey from Mexico to Toronto to pick up father's remains

Vianet Lázaro is seeing Canada, visiting her father's places here, on her journey to take his ashes back with her to Mexico. He died in 2021 as a result of COVID-19.

Ontario mayors speak out against proposal to give more power over housing to province

Ontario Mayors are raising concerns about a new report from the Ford government that recommends taking some control over housing policy away from municipalities and giving it to the province. 

Ontario doctors welcome decision to resume non-urgent surgeries as 'the right first step'

A decision by the Ontario Ministry of Health to resume some surgeries paused due to a surge in Omicron cases, starting next Monday, is being welcomed by doctors in the province.

Ontario introduces bill to better protect long-term care residents

Ontario's Progressive Conservative government introduced a new bill on Thursday that would double the maximum fines levied on long-term care homes that break the law.

Ontario officials working to help Alberta's stricken health-care system battle COVID-19 surge

Ontario officials are "having conversations right now" to determine what support the province can provide to help Alberta's crippled health-care system battles its deadly fourth wave of COVID-19. 

Humber River Hospital vaccinates 1,500 in 2 days as city says vaccine hesitancy dropping in Toronto

Humber River Hospital says its clinic has vaccinated about 1,500 people against COVID-19 in the last two days and one doctor there says many people are realizing that getting inoculated might help to prevent another lockdown.

Elections Canada won't require workers to be vaccinated, but vows voting will be safe for seniors

Elections Canada says it will not require its workers on election day to be vaccinated, but says it is taking steps to ensure long-term care and retirement home residents will be able to vote safely on Sept. 20.

'The tide is really turning' on support for COVID-19 vaccine passports, expert says

Ontario Premier Doug Ford has rejected immunization certificates and mandating immunizations for workplaces, but one legal expert who’s argued in favour of so-called vaccine passports believes they’re inevitable.

Ontario investigating 2 long-term care homes following allegations residents died of neglect during pandemic

Ontario is investigating two Toronto long-term care homes where the Canadian military reported residents died of neglect, not COVID-19, during outbreaks last year.

Ex-Dominican Republic deputy minister found guilty in sexual assault of Ontario woman

An Ontario woman who nearly lost her chance at justice after being sexually assaulted by an official in the Dominican Republic government more than four years ago says she's relieved he was found guilty this week.