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Lauren Pelley is a CBC News reporter based in Toronto. Currently covering how the COVID-19 pandemic is impacting Canadians, in Toronto and beyond. Contact her at:

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So you got your COVID-19 shot. Does that mean life goes back to normal?

Canadians still need to err on the side of caution and keep their guard up awhile longer, whether vaccinated or not, to protect those around them, experts say.

Yes, the pandemic will end — but COVID-19 isn't going away any time soon

The doldrums and devastation of pandemic life will end eventually, experts say. However, some of them also think the virus behind COVID-19 will remain as a presence in our lives along some spectrum ranging from occasional flare-ups to a seasonal illness, or something in between.

Moderna study suggests half doses offer strong immune response, but experts caution against changing approach

There's now early evidence showing Moderna's coronavirus vaccine may elicit a strong immune response even through half doses, prompting hope that further research could back up the results and eventually allow countries like Canada to stretch out vaccine supplies.

Study offers 'promising' evidence that at least 1 COVID-19 vaccine may curb virus transmission

New research out of Israel offers early clues that at least one coronavirus vaccine may lead to lower viral loads, suggesting it might be harder for someone to spread the virus if they get infected post-vaccination.

What Canada could do to take advantage of the lull in COVID-19 vaccine shipments

While COVID-19 vaccination programs are well underway for high-risk populations, vaccine shipment reductions and ongoing uncertainty mean there is a lull — potentially for weeks or even months — before Canada sees a steady flow of supplies. So what can provinces do in the meantime to prepare for mass vaccination?

Should Canada divert vaccines from regions with low COVID-19 levels to hot spots?

In a week bookended with significant COVID-19 vaccine delays while cases of coronavirus variants continue to climb in Canada, experts are divided on whether vaccines should be diverted from parts of the country with fewer cases to those with hot spots.

Physicians say COVID-19 vaccines both safe, protective for elderly Canadians. Here's what seniors need to know

Despite headline-making reports of seniors falling ill despite getting a shot of COVID-19 vaccine, Canadian physicians stress these vaccines are proving overwhelmingly safe for the vast majority of elderly recipients — a population at the highest risk of dying from the illness.

Moderna says vaccine appears effective against new coronavirus variants — but less so for one

The two-dose Moderna vaccine approved for use in Canada appears to protect against the coronavirus variants first identified in the U.K. and South Africa, the company announced on Monday.

Why the world won't go back to 'some sense of normal' until all countries are vaccinated against COVID-19

As countries such as Canada and the United States continue vaccinating millions of citizens, global health experts warn the pandemic could keep raging if lower-income nations don't get their share of much-needed doses.

Scientists racing to understand new COVID-19 variants and whether they will derail vaccination efforts

The more opportunities the coronavirus has to replicate, the more it will evolve, potentially creating a new variant that won't be mitigated by current vaccines. With concerning sets of mutations already popping up around the world, scientists are on high alert.