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Lauren Pelley covers health and medical science for CBC News, including the COVID-19 pandemic, Canadian health policy, and the global spread of infectious diseases. She's based in Toronto. Contact her at:

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How does monkeypox spread? Here's what scientists know so far

As monkeypox keeps spreading, so does misinformation about how this virus transmits. Here's what scientists know — and don't — about monkeypox transmission.

Why it's worth keeping 'close eye' on new Langya virus that's infecting dozens in China

Several scientists who spoke to CBC News say the world needs to brace for more viruses spilling over into human populations in the years ahead, with Langya just the latest example.

Canada to start testing some wastewater for polio 'as soon as possible'

After new reports of polio cases abroad, and virus samples in the wastewater of several other developed countries, Canada intends to start testing wastewater from a number of cities "as soon as possible," CBC News has learned.

Polio largely vanished thanks to vaccines. So why is it now back in more countries?

Polio, a potentially disabling virus that’s long been forgotten in many parts of the world, is now circulating in parts of the U.S. and U.K., on the heels of an outbreak in Israel. Medical experts say it’s a wake-up call that the virus still poses a threat to anyone who remains unvaccinated.

Viral infections, genetic factors may be linked to mystery hepatitis in kids, studies suggest

As scientists around the world are racing to understand what caused a spate of so-far unexplained cases of hepatitis in children — including some who needed liver transplants — two new U.K. studies are offering fresh clues.

Limited vaccine supply could thwart Canada's efforts to contain monkeypox

As an unprecedented global monkeypox outbreak keeps growing, Canada remains opaque about its vaccine stockpile — even as advocates and medical experts warn the country may lack enough supply to meet current demand, with many Canadians being offered just one round of what’s typically a two-dose shot to stretch supplies.

You'll likely catch COVID-19 again and again. Will each round feel milder?

It’s clear that reinfections from this coronavirus are the norm. Reassuringly, scientists say that for most healthy adults — including those with extra protection from vaccination — COVID-19 infections should get easier to deal with each time.

Catching monkeypox can mean extreme pain, hospital trips — and weeks of isolation

Peter Kelly is among more than 200 Canadians and counting who've caught monkeypox. He spent weeks isolating at home to keep others' safe, putting strain on his finances and mental health. Advocates now say more supports are needed — as this outbreak keeps growing.

Monkeypox can 'masquerade' as other conditions, with wide range of symptom severity

In this unprecedented monkeypox outbreak — which is offering many global clinicians their first real-world experience with this disease — there's a clear range in symptom severity.

Monkeypox warnings 'went ignored,' and now world must brace for more outbreaks: scientists

Many scientists weren’t shocked by the recent emergence of monkeypox in countries around the world. Some also warn this won’t be the last time this virus spreads beyond its typical territory in Africa.