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Laura McQuillan is an online journalist with CBC News in Toronto. She covers general news, social issues and science and has a special interest in finding unexpected answers to unusual questions. Laura previously reported from New Zealand and Brazil.

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Bear with us — Parks Canada is updating its booking system, but some campers aren't happy

A revamped Parks Canada booking system might make more campers happy this summer, but some outdoor enthusiasts still see room for improvement — including a tougher stance on no-shows.

Shaken by Toronto transit attacks, riders say they don't feel safe — but doubt more police will help

As Toronto struggles to address safety concerns amid a rash of assaults and incidents on its transit system, riders say they have had to become skilled in de-escalation and are skeptical that more police will solve the problem.

National security experts say Canada should double-check classified documents amid U.S. breaches

Federal agencies in Ottawa won't say if they have asked former PMs and ministers whether they still possess any classified documents, as the U.S. ramps up investigations into mishandling of secret information.

Want a job? You'll have to convince our AI bot first

While AI hiring tools can save time and money for businesses when all they want to do is fill a job, experts caution that the platforms can overlook qualified candidates — and even introduce new biases into hiring processes if they're not carefully used.

As new AI ChatGPT earns hype, cybersecurity experts warn about potential malicious uses

As ChatGPT earns hype for its ability to solve complex problems, write essays, and perhaps help diagnose medical conditions, more nefarious uses of the chatbot are coming to light in dark corners of the internet.
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How does Canada's bail system actually work? And where does it fall short?

The head of Canada’s largest provincial police force strongly criticized the country’s bail system in the wake of an on-duty officer’s shooting death, drawing attention to a legal practice that is frequently misunderstood and beset with inequity.

Will Canada's ban on foreign homebuyers make houses more affordable? Some experts have doubts

Housing experts say there's no guarantee the average Canadian will be any closer to affording a home, even after a ban on non-resident buyers comes into effect on Jan. 1.

Canada among 4 countries launching effort to hold Iran accountable for shooting down Flight PS752

Families of the victims of Flight PS752 are hopeful an international legal effort to hold Iran accountable will bring truth and justice, but experts warn the process will likely take years.

Was your travel disrupted? Here's what you're owed — and what you won't get

The weather may be clearing, but hundreds of Canadian travellers are still unable to reach their destination or return home, while many others are still waiting for refunds — or even answers.

Utility crews across Canada scramble to restore power amid winter storm

Parts of Ontario declare states of emergency as dangerous conditions leave travellers stranded on highways and trains. Across several provinces, hundreds of thousands of Canadians face a Christmas Eve without power.