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Kelda Yuen is a reporter with CBC News in Toronto. She is a two-time Edward R. Murrow Award winner with a penchant for stories focusing on the arts and human interest, and those that aim to better understand diverse communities. Kelda began her career in Beijing where she was a reporter and anchor. When she's not in the field, she's probably at the movies. Email:

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Grassroots initiative aims to preserve oral history of the first Tibetan-Canadians

A team of volunteers is working on a grassroots community project in collaboration with the Canadian Museum of Immigration called 'Chyssem Project' to create a permanent archival record of Tibetan Canadian immigration to Canada.

Ontario's largest school board commits to shrinking elementary class sizes in areas hit hardest by COVID-19

A Toronto District School Board (TDSB) trustee says the province’s largest school board will prioritize shrinking elementary class sizes in neighbourhoods hit hardest by COVID-19.

Mobile COVID-19 testing arrives in Toronto's hardest hit region

Residents from the region of Toronto with the highest rates of COVID-19 infections were able to get tested for the first time at a mobile site in their community on Saturday.

How this pitbull from an Ontario dog fighting ring became a K9 arson detective

Hansel was just seven weeks old when police and OSPCA officers raided a compound in Tilbury, Ont., and rescued him along with 30 other dogs — all pitbulls. Now, the four-year-old pooch is believed to be the first pitbull to work as an arson detection dog in New Jersey.

'Dive in with both feet': How this Toronto entrepreneur beat the 'boys' club' to win in esports

Toronto entrepreneur Arwina Mogul says she had to fight a 'negative stigma around women' to create an esports platform that helps connect the gaming community. As the world marks Women's Entrepreneurship Day on Nov. 19, she hopes her story will inspire other women to start their own businesses.
School Violence

How a former middle school bully let go of his fist and found his voice

Isiah Baptiste used to resort to violence at school as a way to express himself, but with the help of a mentor, he turned to art as an outlet and found a voice he never knew he had.

'I just ignored it': Violent, homophobic incidents common in high schools but few students report them

A CBC News survey has found one in four students in high schools have been called hateful names or have been subjected to comments that are homophobic or transphobic, but many don't report it.

'This species is very special': Granddaddy of the spider discovered by ROM researchers

Fossils uncovered by an expedition team from the Royal Ontario Museum have led to the discovery of a tiny predator that predates spiders and scorpions.

'We were shocked': Parents complain of frayed harnesses in Evenflo child car seats

Dozens of parents across the country are raising safety concerns about fraying straps on their Evenflo child car seats, prompting Transport Canada to investigate.

Why saving money on food is 'definitely a challenge' for millennials

Millennials are having trouble saving money and and part of the problem is the convenience and abundance of food apps, experts say.