Kate McGillivray

Reporter, CBC Toronto

Kate McGillivray is a writer and newsreader in Toronto. She's worked for the CBC in Montreal, Sherbrooke and St. John's, and she always wants to hear your feedback and story ideas. Get in touch here: kate.mcgillivray@cbc.ca.

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The Great Lakes are full of microfibres — but there might be an easy solution

A new study is taking the fight against microfibres in the Great Lakes back to the source: household washing machines.

Parkdale overdose prevention tents shut down as unused trailer sits nearby

On Wednesday, an unsanctioned overdose prevention site in Parkdale will permanently shut down. To the frustration of volunteers, a brand-new overdose prevention site in a trailer is sitting unused just a few minutes away.

Insolvency numbers in N.L. higher than during 2009 recession

Overwhelmed by debt, the number of Newfoundlanders and Labradorians filing consumer insolvencies continues to increase — and recently eclipsed levels seen during the 2009 recession.

Conservative MP brings 'Faith and Politics' talks to Newfoundland

An MP from Saskatchewan was in Newfoundland this week to encourage religious people to get more involved in politics.

Parkdale health centre warns of spike in overdoses, many blamed on purplish substance

A Parkdale health centre is sounding the alarm about a wave of contaminated drugs after getting word of more than a dozen overdoses in the neighbourhood in the last two weeks.

Wynne pinpoints the moment she realized she couldn't win

Kathleen Wynne came into this year's Ontario election campaign swinging, but after months of sagging poll numbers, has opted to admit defeat in hopes of getting out of the way of local Liberal candidates.

Advice for Ford from strategists: stick to economics, don't poke the social conservative bear

When it comes to hot button social conservative issues like abortion and sexual education in schools, some Conservative strategists and PC members are advising their newly-minted leader to tread carefully.

Forget the 416 — Doug Ford says his biggest fans are outside of Toronto

The Ontario PC Party's newly chosen leader Doug Ford denies that he's too rooted in the GTA to connect with voters around the province.

Jewish man at the centre of religious death debate to be remembered at funeral

Doctors said he was dead. His family argued he was alive. Now, the man at the centre of a legal battle about the definition of death will be remembered at a funeral.

Premier Kathleen Wynne's new pay transparency bill slammed as 'timid'

New legislation unveiled on Tuesday that aims to close the wage gap between men and women would only cover a 'tiny proportion' of the labour market, says the Equal Pay Coalition.