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Senior Producer, Features

Joshua Errett has been a reporter, editor and digital manager in Toronto since the early 2000s. He has been described as "a tornado of innovation, diligence and authenticity." Got a story idea?

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The next battleground in fight over Moss Park gentrification is a community centre

In Moss Park, fears of gentrification have been stoked by plans for a new community centre and hockey rink.

If Sarah McLachlan plays a jazz festival, is it still a jazz festival?

Headliners of this year's Toronto Jazz Festival are not exactly jazz musicians. And because of that, criticism of the festival's programming has been sharp.

How three young women are reinventing a Queen West institution

The Rivoli's three new owners are trying to preserve its iconic status while rebranding it for a new generation.

Critics blame High Park Zoo as capybaras still missing

Counting a peacock last May and the two South American capybaras currently missing, the High Park Zoo has lost three animals in less than a year.

'A super happy positive outcome': Stolen bike returned to its owner, thanks to Bunz

A stolen bike is returned - a story made possible by Bunz, a Toronto-made trading community.

No meat? Yes please: Vegan restaurants get more aggressive, and more popular

Veganism in Toronto has taken an abrasive turn of late, with so-called extreme vegan cooks and in-your-face branding that makes the case that not eating animals is a morally superior lifestyle.

As app fatigue sets in, Toronto engineers move on to chatbots

A Toronto startup is hosting a hackathon to create human-like chatbots, which could change the way people access technology.

Toronto's oldest medical pot dispensary wants to lead industry out of legal grey area

Toronto's oldest medical marijuana dispensary is trying to get other dispensaries to join forces to lobby the government on regulations.

Cat café controversy highlights challenges of doing business with cats

A recent controversy in a Toronto cat café has highlighted how difficult it is to run a business with felines.

Was Jarvis Street named after a city-builder, or a slave-owner? Prepare for a debate

Jarvis Street shares its name with one of Toronto's founding families, who can be remembered as city builders, politicians, war heroes and slave-owners.