John Rieti

John Rieti is the senior producer of digital at CBC Toronto. Born and raised in Newfoundland, John has worked in CBC newsrooms across the country. In Toronto, he's covered everything from the Blue Jays to Toronto city hall. Outside of work, catch him cycling in search of the city's best coffee.

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Rent control, building more housing key promises as Ontario Liberals unveil platform

The Ontario Liberal party says, if elected, it would create a single rent control system for the province. In addition, the party says it would create a legal framework that would establish rent-to-own programs, so renters could potentially buy their home from their landlord.

Doug Ford's latest Ontario budget arrives today — days before election kicks off

Premier Doug Ford's government is set to release a budget that will function more like a costed election platform, something the party didn't produce before winning a majority government in the 2018 election.

Brampton pizza: Why ordering 'Indian-style' might become a bigger thing in Canada

Once a quasi-secret menu item, toppings like ginger and chiles are getting more common — and pizza experts say it's delicious.

Some of Toronto's brand new sidewalk snowplows were out of service as storm hit

The city spent $5.3 million on sidewalk snowplows last summer, yet more than a dozen of them were out of service as Monday's fierce storm belted Toronto, CBC News has learned.

Torontonians could pay average of $141 more on their property tax bill this year

Torontonians could see a significant property tax hike for the first time in years as city staff presented a proposed budget including a 4.4 per cent total residential increase. 

Approve controversial $1.4B snow-clearing deal or put public at risk, Toronto councillors told

But city transportation staff won’t say if the companies in line to win the bulk of the work have the plows to get the job done.

2 companies and their joint venture poised to win almost every Toronto snow-clearing contract

Two paving companies, and a joint venture they launched this September, are in line to win nine of 11 City of Toronto snow-clearing contracts worth nearly $900 million over the next decade, prompting sharp questions about the fairness of the city process that led to this point. 

Toronto OKs private garbage collection deal despite lacking waste diversion stats

Toronto city council has approved a contract with Green For Life worth some $88 million for waste collection in Etobicoke despite not knowing how the private company compares with city workers when it comes to waste diversion.

City nears new private waste collection deal — but isn't saving what it once was

Toronto now spends the same amount for private waste collection as it does for in-house collection.

Government confirms about 178,000 blue licence plates still on the road

There are more blue licence plates on Ontario roads than previously reported and the government is still working on a plan to replace them, CBC News has learned.