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Senior Reporter, CBC Toronto

John Lancaster is a senior reporter with CBC News focusing on investigative and enterprise journalism. His stories have taken him across Canada, the US and the Caribbean. His reports have appeared on CBC Toronto, The National, CBC's Marketplace, The Fifth Estate-and of course CBC online and radio. Drop him a line anytime at

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Facing sky-high connection fees, rural Ontarians go off the grid

When Craig Timmermans set out to build a new headquarters for his companies in northern Ontario, he reached out to the power company to find out how much it would charge him to connect to the grid. He was shocked to find out it would cost $80,000.

Hydro One wants to charge this homeowner $60K to connect power to his new house

Allan Robinson says he and his wife, Debbie, saved for a lifetime to build their new home in Minden Hills, Ont. Even though construction is almost complete, he says they can’t move in because they can’t afford to pay Hydro One the $60,000 the utility wants to hook up the electricity.

This former cop was awarded $630K in lost wages. Now, Toronto police may try to take it away

When former police officer Ralph Thistle finally received $630,000 in lost wages, he thought his lengthy battle was finally over. But now, Toronto police are taking the first step to potentially appeal the payment, CBC News has learned.

Toronto-area private school scrubs its web links to principal convicted of abusing student

Hours after media reports revealed a disgraced former Toronto-area public school teacher was the principal of a local private school, his name and any ties to him have been scrubbed from the school's website.

GTA teacher stripped of licence because of sexual impropriety now heads private school

Anthony ‘Antonio’ Ross has been criminally convicted of assaulting a teenaged student, stripped of his teaching licence for professional misconduct and sexual abuse, yet is now the principal of a private school that caters largely to international boarding students, CBC News has learned.

Cottagers' $2M lawsuit accuses councillor-contractor of using their money on her own home

A Township of Georgian Bay councillor who also runs a construction company is being accused of redirecting money earmarked to build a client's log home and using the money to renovate her own property on the same lake instead.

Contractor arrested for taking $64K to restore cottage, but leaving it like this

A cottage country contractor has been arrested and charged with fraud — again — this time for allegedly bilking the Toronto woman who originally blew the whistle on him.

This Indigenous ex-cop is owed 15 years in lost wages. Instead he's living without running water.

More than nine months after former Toronto police officer Ralph Thistle was awarded what should amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost salary, he still hasn’t been paid by Ontario’s Workplace Insurance and Safety Board. Instead, the Métis elder lives in poverty.

Ex-cop finally paid $630K in lost wages due to PTSD after years of living in poverty

Ralph Thistle's decade-long battle with Ontario’s Workplace Safety and Insurance Board came to an end last week when he opened his mailbox and found a series of cheques totalling $630,000.

Court documents reveal more details about 2017 homicides of Barry and Honey Sherman

As the calendar flipped to 2021 last week, the police investigation into the deaths of Toronto billionaire philanthropists Barry and Honey Sherman entered its fourth year. While the double homicide remains unsolved, police say they have numerous persons of interest.