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Emma Paling is a senior writer with CBC News in Toronto. She previously worked at HuffPost Canada, where she covered Ontario politics.

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Who decided Ontario schools should stay closed? Government won't say, but doctors call on Ford to reconsider

While it's unclear who made the call, it is certain the decision has been controversial — with even top experts divided — and will mean students in Ontario, who had already been out of school for longer than any other students in the country by mid-May, will miss even more class time. 

When can kids under 12 get vaccinated? Your COVID-19 questions answered

As kids and teenagers become eligible for COVID-19 vaccines, many families have questions. Why are teens getting first doses before seniors get their second? Will kids need a smaller dose? Doctors answer your questions.

Canada's percentage of people with 1 COVID-19 vaccine dose now higher than U.S.

Canada has given a higher percentage of its population at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine than the United States. 
Schools Under Stress

Why these parents, teachers want COVID-19 vaccines to be mandatory for school staff

Seven provincial governments told CBC News they will not require school staff to get vaccinated against COVID-19. But many parents — and a majority of educators — think it’s a good idea.

Ontario doctors dispute nurses' claims about pandemic pay

The Ontario Medical Association, the organization representing the province's doctors, says that some of the claims nurses have made about the pay physicians receive when working as so-called nurse extenders during the pandemic are not true. 

What Canada can learn from U.S., U.K. about COVID-19 vaccinations and reopening

Both the U.S. and the U.K. have vaccinated millions of people, but only the U.S. is still reporting tens of thousands of new COVID-19 cases a day. Emma Paling looks at some potential lessons for parts of Canada when it comes to managing vaccination rollouts and reopening.

Proud Boys Canada may have disbanded 'in name only,' researchers warn

The group was added to Canada’s official list of terrorist organizations in February. Now, it says it’s dissolving. But researchers warn its members still hold extreme views.

Why warnings of a deadly 3rd wave in Canada may have gone unheeded

If premiers had heeded warnings about variants and exponential growth, public health experts say, Canada wouldn’t be seeing this record-breaking third wave of COVID-19.

What Johnson & Johnson's 1-shot vaccine could mean for Ontario's most vulnerable

The first doses of Johnson & Johnson's COVID-19 vaccine are set to arrive this week in Ontario, where one expert says they could do a world of good for some of the province's most vulnerable.

More COVID-19 patients dying at home, Ontario coroner says

Some COVID-19 patients are now deteriorating so quickly that they die before they can seek medical attention, Ontario's chief coroner says. He calls it an "unfortunate and sad" phenomenon that shows how serious the virus can be.