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Derick Deonarain is a producer for CBC News who grew up in the Northwest end of Toronto. When he's not chasing breaking news you can often find him covering stories that meet at the intersection of culture, social justice, sports and art.

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Canadian cartoon mystery finally solved after 6 years, thanks to the internet

The origin of a mysterious Canadian cartoon character in the back of a family photo from the early 1990s has been solved thanks to the internet and two brothers in Wisconsin.

'Starboy' catches The Weeknd's attention after photo goes viral

The Weeknd is looking for a six-year-old fan who was crying after his concert was postponed. The photo went viral on social media and the young fan has received an outpouring of love and support.

New Asian night market — Superfresh — aims to showcase culture, cuisine and community

There's a new night market in Toronto that aims to bring a fresh cultural experience and create a safe space for people to celebrate and discover Asian cuisine.  

On verge of World Cup berth, Brampton connection shines for Canada

The Greater Toronto Area is well-represented on Canada's men's soccer team, with 17 of 25 players having grown up here. Seven grew up in Brampton alone. But what is it about the city that is churning out soccer stars?

'Giving back to back home': How Black Toronto mentors are coaching the next generation of Caribbean athletes

A partnership between Focused Dreams Forward and Generation Chosen, Game Plan is matching Black Canadian athletes with youth in the Caribbean.

'High anxiety' for immunocompromised individuals as Ontario lifts more COVID-19 restrictions

Immunocompromised individuals in Ontario say they are anxious as the province gets ready to lift more COVID-19 restrictions.

Gunshots, COVID-19, heart failure: A Toronto man's story of resilience 1 year later

The COVID-19 pandemic has been marked by tragedy but also remarkable stories of resilience. More than a year after enduring a shooting, COVID-19 and heart failure, Kevin Kusi's recovery is one of them.

Death of migrant farm worker in Mississauga hotel prompts call for better protections

An advocate is demanding better protections for migrant farm workers after a young man from St. Vincent died last week while he was in quarantine in a Mississauga hotel.

Dr. Homer Tien, Ornge Air Ambulance CEO, to lead Ontario's COVID-19 vaccine distribution task force

The Ontario government says it has chosen the CEO and president of Ornge Air Ambulance to lead its COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Task Force.

Pokemon and sports cards business booming after rise in popularity during pandemic

Remember those old Pokemon and sports cards you collected as a kid that are now sitting in a binder at your parents' house? They could be worth $100,000 or more.