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Derick Deonarain is a producer for CBC News who grew up in the Northwest end of Toronto. When he's not chasing breaking news you can often find him covering stories that meet at the intersection of culture, social justice, sports and art.

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Gunshots, COVID-19, heart failure: A Toronto man's story of resilience 1 year later

The COVID-19 pandemic has been marked by tragedy but also remarkable stories of resilience. More than a year after enduring a shooting, COVID-19 and heart failure, Kevin Kusi's recovery is one of them.

Death of migrant farm worker in Mississauga hotel prompts call for better protections

An advocate is demanding better protections for migrant farm workers after a young man from St. Vincent died last week while he was in quarantine in a Mississauga hotel.

Dr. Homer Tien, Ornge Air Ambulance CEO, to lead Ontario's COVID-19 vaccine distribution task force

The Ontario government says it has chosen the CEO and president of Ornge Air Ambulance to lead its COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Task Force.

Pokemon and sports cards business booming after rise in popularity during pandemic

Remember those old Pokemon and sports cards you collected as a kid that are now sitting in a binder at your parents' house? They could be worth $100,000 or more.

Toronto police investigating after Black TDSB teachers receive racist hate mail

Toronto police are investigating a possible hate crime after four Toronto District School Board (TDSB) teachers received a racist letter in response to an anti-Black racism course they teach.

An American woman's pandemic parking bill in Toronto: almost $3K

For one Detroit woman, the COVID-19 pandemic has become a year-long parking nightmare that may cost her thousands of dollars to end.

Family of 15-year-old demands answers after TCDSB makes him attend in-person classes

The family of a 15-year-old boy who lives in one of the neighbourhoods hardest hit by COVID-19 is pushing the Toronto Catholic District School Board to let him learn full-time from home—despite the board's policy that students who have been suspended must attend in-person classes.

2 Toronto entrepreneurs 'Makeway' for Canada's only women's sneaker boutique and community hub

Abby Albino and Shelby Weaver are tired of seeing a lack of representation for women in sneaker culture, as well as in the industry across Canada — so they decided to do something about it.

Started from the bottom: Tik Tok dance trio goes viral from their basement

There's no shortage of global dance videos on TikTok, but a trio from Toronto is going viral with dance moves performed their family basements.  

Etobicoke residents get together to sweat it out during COVID-19 workouts

In CBC Toronto's latest edition of Meet The Neighbours, residents from Van Dusen Boulevard in Etobicoke are organizing weekly workouts for their neighbourhood to help people stay active and get to know one another during the pandemic.