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Chris Glover has been a reporter, anchor and producer with CBC News for a decade. He’s an award winning storyteller, who has travelled the country in search of fascinating characters with compelling stories to share on TV, radio and online. A series he helped spearhead at CBC Toronto, No Fixed Address, won a national RTDNA award in 2017 and the municipal election special he anchored in 2018 was just nominated for an RTDNA award for best live special.

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Petition aims to block transfer of Korean LTC home to firm with 115 COVID-19 deaths at 3 homes

Nearly 7,000 people have signed a petition to block the transfer of the GTA's only Korean long-term care facility to a company that has seen some of Ontario's deadliest COVID-19 outbreaks in three of its homes. 

Toronto senior getting 'an eviction by another name' due to new disability, friends say

Friends of a elderly man who's lived in his Parkdale apartment for 45 years fear he's in the process of getting tossed out of his home due to new mobility issues. The company that owns the building denies that, saying it has offered him a "more than a reasonable accommodation."

Toronto joins forces with tech firm to provide free Wi-Fi to low-income families in 2 buildings

About 2,000 low-income residents who live in two buildings in Toronto are now getting free internet access thanks to a partnership between the city and technology company Cisco Canada.

Family blasts 'ridiculous' condo occupancy fee after daughter comes home to shelter in place

A Mississauga family says it’s “ridiculous” their condo corporation is making them pay a $30-a-day “occupancy fee” because their daughter came home to shelter in place with them during the COVID-19 pandemic. But the condo board says the fee is appropriate and has been postponed until at least June. 

Family reeling as senior dies of malnutrition, not COVID-19, inside long-term care home

Pietro Bruccoleri died late last month at an embattled Ontario long-term care home where 23 seniors have succumbed to COVID-19, but it wasn't the virus that killed him — it was exhaustion caused by malnutrition.

Why some Toronto businesses are betting improved ventilation will cut the risk of COVID-19

The research suggesting air conditioning and poor ventilation can help spread the novel coronavirus isn't conclusive yet, but some Toronto business owners aren't waiting to find out. They're already taking steps to improve air flow as a way to help their customers feel safer.

To beat COVID-19 boredom this only child is connecting with multiple newly discovered half-siblings

Growing up as an only child, Toronto teen Maya Cooperstock would sometimes ask her single mother for a sibling as a present, but now she’s learned she has more than 30  half-siblings through a sperm donor registry. And just days ago, some of them held a virtual get-together.
CBC Investigates

Pressure to have multiple babies putting surrogates 'at risk'

A three-month CBC investigation revealed that a lot of women who become surrogates feel internal and external pressure to have multiple babies. And experts warn that there isn't enough medical oversight of women who have babies in quick succession.
CBC Investigates

Why a lack of oversight of surrogacy in Canada leaves some parents feeling taken advantage of

It's illegal to pay a surrogate to carry someone else's baby in Canada. Yet, surrogacy is far from free. A CBC investigation into the industry reveals why some parents are left with serious questions about payments they made — and why they're reluctant to report their concerns. 

Check your lottery ticket! $4.4M in unclaimed winnings set to expire

There are currently 26 unclaimed Ontario Lottery and Gaming (OLG) prizes worth more than $4.4 million that are set to expire, according to the lottery retailer's website.