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Ania Bessonov is a multi-platform journalist at CBC News with a particular interest in international relations. She has a master's degree in security and diplomacy.

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They fled Russia to avoid conscription into fighting in Ukraine

As Russia continues to send troops to Ukraine, people from its ethnic minority regions are more likely to be called to the front lines and face higher death rates in battle. Many of them have fled to neighbouring countries to avoid that fate, but relocation comes with its own struggles.

Reported hate crimes in several Canadian cities higher amid Israel-Hamas war, police say

Police say reports of hate crimes are up in several Canadian cities since Oct. 7 when Hamas launched its brutal attack on Israel — including spikes of antisemitism and Islamophobia in Toronto and Montreal. 

Relatives describe panic, last goodbyes as they tried to stay in contact with those under attack by Hamas

Five days after Hamas militants stormed several Israeli communities, killing hundreds of civilians and soldiers, families of those who are believed to have been abducted in the attack say they are struggling to get information about their relatives and fear for their safety as Israeli blankets Gaza with retaliatory airstrikes.
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Charles is already King. Why do we need a coronation?

King Charles III took to the throne following Queen Elizabeth’s death last September. If he’s already King, why is there a need for a coronation — and just how much is it going to cost?
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What do we know about the objects that were shot down over Canada and the U.S.?

Four aerial objects have been shot down over Canada and the U.S. this month. Before Feb. 4, news of something like this was unheard of. So what exactly is going on? And – why all of a sudden?
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What are sanctions — and do they even work?

You may have seen the word “sanctions” pop up in headlines a lot more lately. But do you know what sanctions are? How they work? Or, if they're effective? We’re here to tackle some of your basic questions about sanctions.
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How to cut holiday costs? Thrift it, minimize it, plan for it

We asked to hear your tips for saving money around the holidays and you delivered.

I'm in need of a food bank. What do I do?

Struggling to put food on the table? Want to make a donation? We’ve answered your questions on how to access, or give back to, your local food bank.

How will you know if you are being hit with a credit card surcharge?

Our last article answering your credit card surcharge questions generated a lot of follow-ups, so we're back with more answers about the additional fees you could see when using your Visa or MasterCard.

What you need to know about the new credit card surcharge

Merchants can now charge credit card users up to 2.4 per cent on their purchases. We've got answers to your questions about how it all works, and what it means for you.