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Andrew Lupton is a B.C.-born journalist, father of two and a north London resident with a passion for politics, photography and baseball.

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Evacuation at Labatt Memorial Park during London Majors home opener

Fans were evacuated from Labatt Memorial Park in the fifth inning of the London Majors home opener on Friday night due to concerns of a gas leak at a concession stand. 

As June 6 anniversary approaches, hate crimes and incidents continue to climb

The number of hate-motivated incidents reported to the London Police Service continues to climb, according to a report coming to the Police Services Board on Thursday.
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After years of neglect, Ontario politicians pledge to raise disability support payments

Over the past week, rates paid to Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) recipients have pushed their way onto the agenda of the Ontario provincial election and that's a welcome development to economist Mike Moffatt.

Can ranked ballots, first tried in London, Ont., then axed by Ford, make a comeback?

With an Ontario election underway, Doug Ford's decision to revoke ranked ballots as an option in local elections continues to sting in London, the city that held Canada's first ranked ballot election in 2018.
Ontario Votes 2022

Many Londoners can't afford a house. Here's how Ontario politicians plan to help

CBC London asked local voters about their top issues in this Ontario provincial election, and housing affordability was consistently among the responses. So what policies are the parties offering to help?
Ontario Votes 2022

London support worker asks how her next MPP will fix the support worker 'crisis'?

Ontario is dealing shortages and high turnover of support staff in care settings outside of hospitals leading to an an issue that's on all the parties radar in the upcoming provincial election.

4 women on why they're running in this election for the first time

The nasty nature of campaigns and social media have been citied as a barrier to women entering politics, but here four women explain why they're running in local races in this Ontario election for the first time.

Coun. VanHolst violated council code of conduct, integrity commissioner finds

The city of London's integrity commissioner has found that Coun. Michael VanHolst violated four sections of the council code of conduct by failing to speak accurately about the city's COVID-19 vaccination policy.

Former brewery on site of proposed student tower gets heritage designation

London's planning committee has voted to grant heritage designation to a former brewery located on a site near Richmond Row where a developer is proposing a high-rise apartment building catering to students.
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Muslim group disappointed bill to curb hate attacks won't come before June 6 anniversary

Nawaz Tahir of the Muslim advocacy group Hikma says he's disappointed that Bill 86, which came in response to the June 6 attack that killed four members of a local Muslim family, won't be passed prior to the June 2 election.