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Andrew Lupton is a B.C.-born journalist, father of two and a north London resident with a passion for politics, photography and baseball.

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Downtown London's commercial vacancy is 25 per cent, with few easy or cheap solutions, report says

A city staff report pegs downtown London's commercial vacancy rate at 24.6 per cent while suggesting the city look at a  handful of solutions, some that would require the co-operation of property owners and others with a hefty price tag. 

Vinyl railing reno lands Old South homeowner in heritage hot water

A home owner in Old South is squaring off against the City over the use of vinyl posts and railings on his rebuilt covered front porch. A city report says plastic isn't an approved product on heritage homes.

Design district at Richmond and Horton? Business owners say it's happening

A group of businesses focused on art and design have chosen to located near the intersection of Richmond and Horton streets, creating hope the area could continue to develop as a mini design hub in downtown London.

Councillors to consider $33M in upgrades to Budweiser Gardens

London city councillors will consider a plan on Tuesday to approve $33 million in upgrades to Budweiser Gardens.

'We won't go' tenants tell new landlord as renoviction protest heats up

Dozens of tenants living in two apartments buildings that were recently purchased by a new owner were involved in a tense protest advocating for their right to stay in their homes. 

Stay and fight or take the cash and go? Eviction notices put London tenants on edge

Tenants of two apartment buildings in London's Huron Heights neighbourhood say they're unsure of what to do in the face of landlord letters that are threatening them with eviction.

They tried to scam this London senior 5 months ago, and the calls haven't stopped

Almost six months after Ken Armstrong's banking data was hacked and used to get a credit card in his name, the London senior is still fending off phone calls from scam artists.

Farhi moves ahead with plans to demolish former London Free Press Building

Shmuel Farhi is moving ahead with plans to demolish the former London Free Press building on York Street, saying a bid to create affordable housing units at the site had fallen though.

Landlords lying to tenants? MPP says that should be illegal

In response to another move by a new building owner to evict tenants, London MPP says landlords shouldn't be allowed to use false information to bully tenants

'Completely misleading' landlord letters threaten tenants with eviction

Tenants of two recently sold apartment buildings in north London are facing threats to have their leases cancelled in landlord letters that a tenants' advocacy group calls "completely misleading."