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Ontario Votes 2022

Ontario NDP plan to run deficits for 6 years and cancel gas tax cut

Ontario's New Democrats are pledging to run larger deficits than the Progressive Conservatives and Liberals if elected and would likely not balance the budget for six years, but the party is eyeing some cost savings from cancelling a gas tax cut.

Ontario NDP, Liberals eye four-day work weeks in proposed pilot projects

Two Ontario political parties are promising to explore a four-day work week if they form government, an idea that has met with great success in one southwestern township, but business groups are wary.
Ontario Votes 2022

Ontario PCs promise to boost disability support payment rates by 5%

Ontario's Progressive Conservatives promised Monday to increase disability support payment rates by five per cent, if re-elected, a pledge that was not in their recent budget that is serving as their platform.

Ford promises to maintain abortion access, other Ontario leaders pledge to expand it

Ontario Progressive Conservative Leader Doug Ford is pledging to maintain abortion access in the province, while the other three main parties say they would expand it.

Ontario Liberals put their rebuild to the test after devastating 2018 election defeat

Polls suggest the Ontario Liberals may not be entirely out of the running, but going from seven seats to government is a tall order.

Ontario NDP try to position themselves as government in waiting ahead of election

Ontario's New Democrats are heading into the upcoming election in their strongest position in decades, and are now setting out to accomplish what they couldn't last time — getting voters to see them as the government in waiting.

Ontario on track to balance budget by 2023-24, financial watchdog says

Ontario's financial watchdog says the province is on track to balance the budget by 2023-24 and run a $7.1 billion surplus three years later.

Ontario Liberal leader unveils party's plan for equal pay for women. Here's what you need to know

The Ontario Liberals are announcing that they would establish $10-a-day before and after school care, provide a parental leave top up and bring back pay transparency legislation in a slate of election platform items aimed at women.

Elections Ontario offering more options for voting other than in person on June 2

Elections Ontario is encouraging residents to request mail-in ballots or take advantage of extra days of advanced voting this year with the intention of thinning polling station crowds on the province's first — and hopefully only — provincial election day amid COVID-19.

Ontario NDP promises universal mental health care at a cost of $1.15B a year

Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath is promising universal mental health coverage if her party wins the June election, with an annual price tag of $1.15 billion.