Ali Chiasson

Reporter, CBC Toronto

From teleprompter to Associate Producer, Ali Chiasson worked many desks at CBC News Network before stepping in front of the cameras at CBC Toronto. Ali covers a wide range of breaking and feature stories and has a special knack for people profiles. Off the clock, Ali is happiest walking through Bloordale with headphones on, picking through local produce markets, sipping bubble tea and snapping pics of street art.

Latest from Ali Chiasson

Durham, Peel regions facing skyrocketing demand as Toronto shelters turn away asylum seekers

A group of municipalities say they are dealing with the same refugee settlement concerns as Toronto and desperately need more resources with their shelter systems far beyond capacity. 
Schools Under Stress

Teachers worry high school grads will struggle in post-secondary education due to pandemic

Charis Liu is just one of hundreds of thousands of high school students in Ontario who were forced out of their classrooms and into remote learning when COVID-19 hit the province. More than 70 per cent of educators who answered a CBC News questionnaire are worried they will struggle in post-secondary schools.

Meet the brains behind the push to get more women in neurosurgery

Neurology, neurosurgery and our understanding of the brain in general is in its infancy — all the more reason to have a diverse range of smart minds with different perspectives and experiences participating in the study of it.

Mississauga athletic therapist becomes TikTok famous with new fitness challenge

A Mississauga fitness maven who calls herself "definitely that girl in the gym that is always filming herself" has become famous on social media by creating a new fitness challenge that is much harder to do than it looks.

U of T students demand change in wake of suicide on campus

Twenty-four students at the University of Toronto are calling on the school to improve its mental health services immediately after a death by suicide in a computer science building on Friday.

Some classes at a Toronto high school have as many as 40 students each, principal says

A Toronto high school principal is reporting that some classrooms at the school contain as many as 40 students but the numbers are expected to improve by next month when the board reviews its staffing levels.

How bleeding, trembling, talking mannequins train hospital staff to save your life

Hands-on learning is fundamental in many workplaces and at St. Michael's Hospital, the operating room is no different.

Metrolinx to consult Ontario privacy watchdog before sharing ridership data

Metrolinx will consult with Ontario's privacy commissioner before it shares any "anonymized" GO Transit ridership data with private companies interested in buying the naming rights of GO stations, a spokesperson says.

Fake honey still pouring into Canada, and local beekeepers are feeling the sting

Fake honey cut with corn syrup, rice, beet and other sugars is still pouring into Canada and onto grocery store shelves. Local producers have been abuzz about the food fraud for years. 

Pothole City: 2019 will be a bumpy ride but there could be a high-tech fix

With temperatures going up and down, you'll be seeing a lot of potholes on our roads — a problem that costs the city millions of dollars. But a group of engineers might have a high-tech way to spot the devastating divots before they form.