Alexandra Sienkiewicz

Journalist and Producer

Alexandra Sienkiewicz is an award-winning TV producer with over a decade of newsroom experience. She started her CBC journalism career covering national news before moving over to the fast-paced world of local. She believes every news story starts at the local level and those are the stories she most loves to tell. In her off-time, Alexandra​ dabbles in food and wine, furthering her education ​as a sommelier​.

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Stranded in St. Maarten, Toronto medical student searches for food, water after Hurricane Irma, family says

A Toronto father is worried about the fate of his daughter, who is stranded on the Caribbean island of St. Maarten in the wake of Hurricane Irma.

Avro Arrow models search team says 'there are more jets out there than originally thought'

Nearly 60 years after the Avro Arrow was scrapped amid controversy, members of the public got a first look at images of one of the test models recently found in the depths of Lake Ontario.

Stuck in the path of Hurricane Irma? Here are key facts and contacts you need

If you’ve found yourself in the path of Hurricane Irma, or have planned to travel to affected areas, here is essential information you should keep on hand.

Stranded in the path of Hurricane Irma, some Toronto tourists say they feel 'abandoned' by airlines

Some tourists from Toronto finding themselves in the direct path of Hurricane Irma say they’re getting little information from their airlines and travel representatives — despite many airlines having announced they’re sending extra flights to help get tourists out before the category five storm hits.

Here's what the CN Tower was intended for, before the glass floor and EdgeWalk

Despite its current status as a tourist attraction, the CN Tower's practical beginnings was to be a telecommunication tower to help with Toronto's construction boom in the 1960s.

More than half of GTA black residents surveyed in new report say they've been stopped by police in public

A new report is shedding light on the types of interactions members of the black community in the GTA have with police officers.

Memorial for lawyer who represented holocaust deniers creates controversy for Toronto Public Library

Despite attempts by members of the public and Mayor John Tory to have a memorial for a lawyer at a Toronto public library shut down, the event ahead with extra security on Wednesday night.

Teen dies during high school graduation trip to Cuba organized by Toronto-based S-Trip tour company

An 18-year-old student from Belleville, Ont., has died during a high school graduation trip to Cuba organized by S-Trip, a Toronto-based travel agency that specializes in young adult vacations.

Forget buying a house in Toronto: Cottages are the new ownership dream for young people, says report

With the high cost of real estate in Toronto pricing out many first-time homebuyers, millennials are starting to look north of the city — way north.

Condo problems that include 'revenge flashing' and loud music — here are people who can help

Shifting to a vertical city meant more people are sharing the same buildings, hallways, amenities and public spaces — and that's meant a big shift for how Torontonians living in highrises interact with one another. As a result, condo mediation is on the rise.