Relative 'heartbroken' after man charged with killing his pregnant wife

Less than six months before her body was found at a home in Pickering, Ont., Arianna Goberdhan was celebrating what might have been one of the happiest days of her life.

6 months after their wedding, Nicholas Baig is charged with killing Arianna Goberdhan

Arianna Goberdhan and Nicholas Baig in a wedding photo in November 2016. (Facebook)

Less than six months before her body was found at a home in Pickering, Ont., Arianna Goberdhan was celebrating what might have been one of the happiest days of her life.

The 27-year-old and Nicholas Tyler Baig, 25, the man now charged with her murder, were married last November; she in a white lace wedding gown, he in a white blazer with black piping.

They were, by all accounts, a "normal" couple," according to neighbour Shazia Sherzai.

"They used to sit together outside talking, they'd go out together," Sherzai said.

​​But on Friday night, Durham police were called to a home on Winville Road in the Taunton and Brock roads area. It's there that they would find Goberdhan's body with "obvious signs of trauma." Police later said it was "sharp force trauma" and an object was used.

'I'm so heartbroken'

Goberdhan was nine-months pregnant when she was pronounced dead. Her unborn baby did not survive, according to police.

Days after the discovery, those that knew the couple remain baffled at what they thought were happy newlyweds.

"I'm so heartbroken with what happened," one relative, who did not want to be identified for fear of her safety, told CBC News. "I wish you met our family before this."

The family was excitedly awaiting the baby's arrival, the relative said.

Let me know when my great great niece arrives- A post on Arianna Goberdhan's Facebook page before her death

Evidence of that anticipation still remains on Goberdhan's Facebook page, a haunting memory of what should have been.

"Let me know when my great great niece arrives," one post on the page reads. "So proud to be a great, great aunt."

"Definitely will keep you in the loop," reads a reply from "Nick Bayview," to whom Goberdhan's Facebook profile indicates she is married.

Below the posts are reminders of the turn the relationship seemed to take.

"Beautiful life taken too young… How awful," reads one post.

"RIP beautiful girl. You and your baby are now forever angels," reads another.

Memories of a kind-hearted neighbour turn to shock

For Sherzai, news of Baig's arrest was especially stark because of her memories of him as a kind-hearted neighbour.

"One day my son fell from his bike. He ran ... picked up my son from the road, he brought him [home]," Sherzai said, recalling thanking Baig afterwards.

"He was a nice person. That's why I was shocked," she said.  "I was not expecting this at all."

Durham Regional Police have not said how Arianna Goberdhan, 27, died but say her body was found with "obvious signs of trauma." (Keith Burgess/CBC)

Baig was arrested Saturday evening after a day-long manhunt. He appeared in court via video link on Sunday and was remanded into custody.

On Monday morning, police would find his 2015 black four-door Infiniti sedan in Toronto's Beach neighbourhood. The car was sealed with evidence tags and towed away from the scene.

Police have yet to say whether Baig could be charged in the death of the unborn child or whether his charges could be upgraded. Investigators were set to meet with the Crown and Baig is due to appear in court again on April 13.

For now, tributes continue to pour in for Goberdhan. Among the most recent posts on her page is a plea to stand up against domestic violence with an image of a purple ribbon:

"People, if you know someone is being abused please report it to the police. You could save someone's life."

Anyone with information about the case is asked to call the Durham homicide unit at 888-579-1520 and speak to either Det. Short at extension 5407 or Det. Horrocks at extension 5418, or call Crime Stoppers anonymously at 800-222-TIPS.