Another anti-Tory group emerges

Another group has come out against John Tory staying on as Ontario Conservative party leader.

Another group has come out against John Tory staying on as Ontario Progressive Conservative party leader.

An organization calling itself Grassroots PC wants delegates to the party's convention in February to vote in favour of holding a leadership review.

Tory has faced criticism from some Conservatives since the party's loss in October. The group's website says the 2007 Conservative election campaign was "disorganized, unfocused and weak."

The group says although they respect Tory and "appreciate his service to the party," they believe he isn't the right person to lead the party into the next election.

Reuben Devlin, spokesperson for the group, says it has also had problems getting information on when delegates are going to be chosen.

"We have had great difficulty in getting the [Progressive Conservative] party to post those on their website," said Devlin.

Organizers of other anti-Tory groups claim the party is not being impartial in the run-up to the February convention.

Nick Kouvalis of Draft a Leader, which opposes Tory, says party officials are refusing to post the information, making it difficult for Tory's opponents to get elected as delegates for the convention.

"They're not neutral and not playing fair," he said.

Devlin says party president Blair McCreadie promised more than a month ago to post the delegate selection meetings on the party website, but so far there is only information about three out of 107 ridings.

McCreadie says the information is going to be released shortly. "We'll be posting further updates, as soon as we have them available," he said.

But Devlin says it is already too late for opposition groups to contest the ridings in Perth and the Kawartha Lakes, which had their meetings over the weekend.  The riding of Markham-Unionville chooses its delegates on Monday night.

With files from the Canadian Press