Andrea Janus

Online reporter, CBC Toronto

Andrea Janus is an online reporter at CBC Toronto and can typically be found writing and editing breaking news early weekday mornings, a cup of Earl Grey tea at hand. While her focus now is local news, she has written extensively on health matters, as well as federal and provincial politics. A native Torontonian, Andrea recently took up cycling and it's now her preferred method of getting around town (and she’s always ready to tell anyone who will listen all about it).

Latest from Andrea Janus

Raptors' long playoff run means 'multiple millions' for Toronto

Toronto Raptors fans aren't just flooding into Jurassic Park, outside the Scotiabank Arena, to watch their team's historic playoff run. It seems they are flooding electronic payment systems, too, as they stay out late celebrating.

Ontario Budget 2019: A child-care credit, dental care for seniors, and drinking in parks on the way

The Ontario PC government’s first budget unveiled Thursday did not include the slash-and-burn spending cuts that some had feared, but did have widespread austerity measures while maintaining the populist bent that has defined many of its early policies.

John Tory asks province to 'reverse' funding cuts, work together to find efficiencies

John Tory is asking Ontario Premier Doug Ford to reconsider program cuts that the city manager says will leave a hole of nearly $178 million in Toronto’s 2019 budget.

Key highlights from Ontario Budget 2019

The Doug Ford government unveiled a child-care tax credit, proposals for changing regulations around drinking and gambling and other measures in its first budget unveiled Thursday.

Ford government creating Ontario Health super-agency

The Doug Ford government is creating a central agency called Ontario Health to oversee the province's $60-billion health-care system.

'A child is so innocent': Candlelight vigil held for 11-year-old girl in Ontario Amber Alert

Community members left grief-stricken by the death of an 11-year-old Brampton, Ont., girl gathered at a park near the child's school to light candles, lay flowers and show support for the child's family at a vigil Saturday evening.

Toronto police scrap plans to acquire controversial gunshot-detection system

Toronto police have scrapped a plan to acquire a controversial piece of technology that picks up the sound of gunfire and reports it to frontline officers over concerns it could violate Charter rights.

Commute home could be messy, but TTC and city crews say they're prepared

As thousands of GTA students got a snow day as another winter storm descended on the region Tuesday, city crews were preparing to keep those who did make it to work home safely despite worsening weather conditions.

More than half of all food produced in Canada is lost or wasted, report says

A whopping 58 per cent of all food produced in Canada – 35.5 million tonnes – is lost or wasted, according to a new report, and about a third of that wasted food could be “rescued” and sent to communities in need across the country.

Saudi teen granted asylum in Canada gets 24-hour security amid online threats

A Saudi teen who fled alleged abuse by her family considers herself "one of the lucky ones" now that she has arrived as a refugee in Canada, but the agency tasked with getting her settled has still arranged 24-hour security for her in the wake of online threats.

'You can't upload in secret:' Transportation minister says subway plans will be made public

The province’s transportation minister says “there’s no real secret” when it comes to the plan for uploading the TTC, and details over the reasons for, and costs of, the move will be shared with city officials.

Woman who died trapped in Toronto donation bin lived tough life, friends say

A woman who died after being found without vital signs, partially inside a Toronto clothing donation bin, was remembered by friends as a bubbly person who struggled with homelessness and addiction.

Taquisha McKitty, woman at centre of life-support battle, has died

A woman at the centre of a legal battle in Ontario over how to define death died Monday morning after an "irreversible cessation of her heartbeat" while she was on life-support.

Ford government to recall legislature after Power Workers' Union announces strike action

The Ontario government will recall the legislature on Monday after workers at Ontario's power union filed a notice to strike on Friday.

'Today we say enough': New homelessness advocacy group calls for state of emergency as shelters near capacity

Homeless and housing advocates, health-care workers, shelter providers and other experts are warning of a growing homelessness problem in the city that they would like declared a state of emergency, and on Thursday launched a new organization aimed at pressuring all levels of government to step up action on the file.