4 arrested in Oshawa home invasion

Police in Oshawa have taken four people into custody in connection with an armed home invasion.

Police in Oshawa have arrested four people in connection with a home invasion.

A group of students was tied up with duct tape by two armed men who broke into their house o Wednesday night.

Hassan Syed told CBC News that he and his five roommates are still in shock after their ordeal.

It was just after midnight when he answered the door. 

"Right when I look up he sucker punches me right over here ... My head it the wall and then I see the other black guy from the back, trying to get at me."

Wielding a gun and knives the two men forced their way into the home. Syed says they were looking for someone they said lived in the basement.

"When we were all downstairs in the same room he told me to start tying up people and he started robbing the whole place," Syed said.

He says while the home was being ransacked one of the suspects started beating the man they said they were looking for with the butt of a gun, until he was bloody.

"At one point when he had the gun to my face and he was telling me to tie up people," Syed said he thought he was going to die.

It was a short time later that some of Syed's friends stopped by, unaware of the home invasion. 

Police say a fight broke out and the suspects took off.

Durham Regional police, K-9 teams, even a helicopter, tracked the men as police say they ran though backyards and bushes.

Eventually police flushed them out but they had a getaway car waiting.

A female driver sped off and the car got several kilometres away before police boxed it in.

Police arrested four people in that vehicle and seized a loaded hand gun.

The suspects all in their late teens and early twenties face a slew of charges including robbery with a firearm.

As for Syed, he says he's had enough.  He's moving.

"I just came back to retrieve my belongings," he told CBC News. "I'm getting the hell out of here."