11,000 additional potholes emerged in Toronto this winter

A city manager says that the winter has left Toronto with 11,000 additional potholes to repair compared to the total number that had to be repaired at the same time last year.

Pesky Toronto potholes

11 years ago
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CBC viewers have been pointing out problematic potholes around the city.

The people in charge of patching the potholes that have emerged in Toronto over the winter say that they dealing with more problems than they did last year.

Trevor Tenn, the city’s manager of road operations, said that some of the blame can be put on Mother Nature and the weather she delivered to Toronto this winter.

"If you recall last season, we had a milder winter, less potholes," Tenn said during an interview with CBC News on Monday.

But this year, Tenn said that the city has identified an additional 11,000 potholes that it must dealt with compared to last year.

Tenn said the weather hasn't helped.

"We had two back-to-back snowstorms and because of that, we had some freeze-thaw cycles happening," he said.

"The last snowstorm, we had rain mixed with snow, mixed with rain again. So that’s a perfect recipe for potholes."

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