10 Toronto council rematches playing out this election

In 10 wards across the city, voters will remember seeing a pair of names place first and second on the ballot in a recent election.
The Oct. 27 election is just five days away. There are pairs of candidates facing off in 10 wards in which they have placed first and second in at least prior election. (CBC)

For voters living in 10 Toronto wards, certain pairs of names are going to look very familiar on the ballot.

That's because renewed cage matches are taking place in these wards, where voters will see two candidates running who also placed first and second at the polls in a prior election.

In Ward 7 York West, Giorgio Mammoliti finds himself up against Nick Di Nizio.

In 2010, Mammoliti retained his seat on council, picking up 5,338 votes from people living in the ward. Di Nizio placed second, receiving 3,601 votes.

In Ward 9 York Centre, Maria Augimeri and Gus Cusimano are battling it out once again.

In 2010, Augimeri won the ward by just 89 votes. There was a court challenge, but the incumbent councillor hung on to her seat.

To the south of these two lies Ward 12 York South-Weston, where Frank Di Giorgio and Nick Dominelli are competing for votes for the third straight election.

Last time, Di Giorgio (3,636) topped Dominelli (3,214) at the polls by 422 votes.

That was a much closer contest than in 2006, when Di Giorgio (4,980) bested Dominelli (2,725) by a much wider margin.

In Ward 17 Davenport, Cesar Palacio finds himself fighting Alejandra Bravo, who ran against him in 2006 and in 2003, but not in the last election.

In 2006, Palacio (4,827) came out ahead of Bravo (4,546). It was an even tighter race than in 2003, when Palacio finished with 5,127 votes and Bravo with 4,336.

Further east in the city, John Parker is up against Jon Burnside in Ward 26 Don Valley West.

Back in 2010, Parker (6,203) came out ahead of Burnside (5,788), though Mohamed Dhanani (5,627) captured a similar slice of the available votes.

In Ward 30 Toronto-Danforth, Paula Fletcher is back on the ballot alongside Liz West.

In 2010, Fletcher finished the election with 8,766 votes, just ahead of West (8,507).

In Ward 32 Beaches-East York, Mary-Margaret McMahon is now an incumbent seeking re-election.

Sandra Bussin, the veteran councillor she defeated in the last election, is back on the ballot in a bid to regain her seat on council.

In 2010, McMahon (15,159) trounced Bussin (5,998) at the polls by more than 9,000 votes.

In Ward 36, Gary Crawford and Robert Spencer are out hitting the streets of Scarborough Southwest.

In 2010, Crawford (4,392) finished ahead of Spencer (3,970). They faced off in an election in which the incumbent, Brian Ashton, chose not to run for re-election.

In Ward 42 Scarborough-Rouge River, Raymond Cho and Neethan Shan are both on the ballot.

Last time, Cho received 10,811 votes, while Shan received 6,873.

In Ward 44 Scarborough East, Ron Moeser and Diana Hall go head-to-head for the third straight election.

In 2010, Moeser (10,185) came out ahead of Hall (9,901), but only by 284 votes.

That was a slightly more comfortable cushion that in 2006, when Moeser received 6,480 votes and Hall received 6,419.