10 expenses Pan Am Games charged to taxpayers

Pan Am Games organizers released some 5,000 pages of documents on Friday detailing some of the items officials have expensed since 2010.

Limo rides, Coors Light and Smarties among the charges

Pachi, the Pan Am Games mascot, had his needles fixed. (CBC News)

Pan Am Games organizers released some 5,000 pages of documents on Friday detailing some items officials have expensed since 2010.

The Toronto Pan Am committee released five years' worth of expense claims and credit card reports.

Here is a rundown of some of the highlights of the list:

1. Fourteen limo rides in July 2014 between Pearson airport and the Sheraton hotel in downtown Toronto: $3,334.75

That's an average of $238 per trip.

2. Two-day online course on "Strategic Workforce Planning" in July 2011, for HR executive Doug Spooner: $1,495 USD.

The course was given by a Vermont-based agency called Human Capital Institute.

3. Eight shirts from Harry Rosen: $1,288.20

Pan Am Games officials say they were bought as uniforms for the senior team.

4. Defensive driving course for six drivers of the TO 2015 Community Tour: $1,100

5. Buffet lunch for Jan. 26, 2012 board meeting: $1,082.54

The finger-pastry selection included mini eclairs, tiramisu and mini chocolate cups filled with mousse. 

6. Drinks bill for executive committee dinner at Toula Ristorante on Oct. 7, 2013: $955.58

Included (among other drinks) four bottles of Aquinas Pinot Noir, five Irish Coffees, and a Coors Light. 

7. University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies course called Writing Essentials I: $590

This was for accountant Nerissa Vidal.

8. Former CEO Ian Troop's monthly cellphone bill from June 2010: $505.70

It included $295.63 in roaming charges.

9. Dry cleaning bill on Feb. 7, 2014 for mascot Pachi: $452

This bill included $100 worth of repairs to the porcupine's quills.

10. Three packs of snack-sized Smarties: $20.31

Bought in Hamilton on March 28, 2011, for what officials say was a booth at a trade show called Sport Accord.


  • An earlier version of this story said all the expenses were later paid back. Only those expenses that were deemed inappropriate were paid back.
    Dec 12, 2014 5:58 PM ET


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